Updated Lightning Strike Hitbox


With the new hitbox adjustment on the lightning strike from Kraken, I’ve been able to dodge them way more than before. Good to see that a monster can be toned down with just a little fix of a marker.


When was it updated ?


I’m sure there was no update.


That update hasn’t come out yet…


That is…kind of funny. Classical placebo effect.


Wow, this must be embarrassing for you. The update hasn’t even come yet…

[quote=“theFacemelter, post:5, topic:84031”]
placebo effect.
[/quote]No kidding.


Yeah…I was playing with a buddy yesterday and was frustrated by how the lightning strike ‘hits’ you even if you’re near but completely out of the particle effect ‘explosion’ portion of the lightning strike.

If anything, the damage radius is annoyingly larger than the effects, Hopefully the change will match the damage with the visuals.


There was an unannounced update when Elder Kraken was released. The actual hitbox changed.


Do you have the patch notes?


There are no patch notes, just like how there is no patch stating that Elder Kraken is released. Just a post was brought up.


The people embarrassed are these desperate Krakens getting destroyed now.


This is why I never aim for a hunter with the new lightning strike, I try and predict where they are going after shooting a banshee missile at them and getting them to dodge. :smiling_imp:


Well…Elder Kraken’s works different.


Oh. I misunderstood your post. I thought you were saying that Elder Krakens lightning strike had a different hit box than the OG Kraken. Not that there was some unknown update that changed OG Krakens lightning strike hit box.


Just tested in solo, and it doesn’t look like it’s updated? It looked bigger to my eye, but that’s likely because I was looking for it to be bigger. The bubble is still smaller than the residue on the ground, which I’m pretty sure outlines the radius of the LS.

@Macman could you just confirm that the graphics for LS weren’t (or were) added with EK?


I think this should suffice. :wink: