Updated! Evolve on Sale


Hello forum,

I’m posting this to inform everyone that Evolve is on sale this week for $47.99 plus free Evolve wristbands this week for consoles at Target. It’s not much, but it is saving 12 dollars still. If you know anybody that’s on the fence about buying it tell them to pick it up this week! Let’s grow the community together :smile:

I’m sure there’s other deals out there but let’s promote this game at least.
#end the negativity

Update: Evolve is now on sale for $39.99 at Target! Tell your friends!


More sales=more potential players who were hesitant to pay the full $60 price tag.

Good news indeed.


I just hope it yields increased sales,last time a copy sold at my store was April 20th


47 bucks to reelin a new playerbase?

haha nope.


Its a new game dude, plus the wrist bands. Its something :wink:


whos gonna wear that evolve wristband in public tho unless you want to be ridiculed as a geek gamer


It’s good for kids, and quite honestly who cares about what you wear? If somebody doesn’t respect you because of what you wear they aren’t worthy of much respect themselves


I got some wristbands and wore them out in public and people asked me what they meant and I told them about the game and they were cool with it and even some were like, “I’m gonna buy this.” Lol


id wear the monster one cause im a monster IRL


I’ll personally wait some for a price drop before warranting any friends to go get it.

I got a buddy a FREE copy and even he couldn’t stay long…


I do all the time. Haven’t been ridiculed once. What kind of person would even go up to another person and insult them for wearing wristbands of any kind?


i was wearing jamaican wristband once and someone told me jamaica is shit


Now we just need people to accommodate new players. Im constantly on people’s case for smashing low level players. They need to catch up, not be scared away.

They are at a disadvantage from lack of experience but also from not having 10% masteries, that makes a big difference.


That’s crazy man, I’d just love to see this game grow but I think the dlc is what’s holding most people up


Honestly I can’t in good faith recommend the game in its current state to anyone on the fence. It is a decent sale though, so anyone who already wanted the game and was waiting for a sale should jump on it. I’m personally waiting for what I expect will be at least 33% off during the Steam winter sale to try and convince more friends to pick it up.


There is a better sale going on now, of $39.99


nice, more players.


Ended up getting evolve for my wife 2 days ago and for a friend earlier today for his birthday :+1: So I’m adding to the community, are you doing your part??



Always! With the sale updates and promotions I’m basically free marketing for trs :stuck_out_tongue:


Not low enough. Try again. It’s been as low as $35 on white-market sites for a few weeks now. If people were willing to pay $40 we would have already seen an influx of players. Didn’t happen. Try harder, 2K.