*UPDATE* w/PATCH NOTES 3/5 5:06pm *HYDE BUFF!* 2 Co-Founder(s) + President/GM + Community Manager of TRS & 2K Sr. Manager on Progress Wipe

The person who made the decision to pass off our save game info to 2k should be severely reprimanded if not fired.

sad to hear that :frowning:

Got Val elite, Lazarus elite, Caira 97% elite, and level 24… not playing again till this gets patched, or at least situations in which it occurs are defined.

Well if they are already sending out those emails it must be fixed. At least it won’t happen again (unless 2K fucked up yet again and they DIDN’T fix it)!

The thing is TRS does not have the money and resourses to manage servers like that. 2K being much larger does. It works like this with many games even if you don’t realise it. I really do hope it gets fixed soon though.

I’m not sure you understand they will only unlock your ocked characters (after they locked them in the 1st place) nothing else

I mean the bug must be fixed. As in you won’t lose progress again.

what I’d like to know is how the hell it got past all the testing. lol what testing

The test group is FAR smaller so the bug may have never been found or there could have been an update that 2k made their system and that could have caused an issue. The amount of code that has to be tested for bugs these days is enormous.

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So I wasted my time on the alpha and beta? Lol what did I do all that pre game testing for? Lololololol

Dont give up on 2k. They have the ability to restore your masteries. If they didnt they wouldnt be able to apply the 50% masteries from the companion app. They are just not putting the work in to do it.

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I know why haven’t they done it already?

I would probably have broken the game disk if that happened to me.

I am with you though, this is a problem that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Lazyness? Havent figured it out yet? Gave up on trying? Support sending it to wrong person? Want people to go to the companion app to buy the masteries back? Someone higher up said masteries are a money maker due the app and that it should be given back? Bad infrastructe where all bugs go to a tester instead of a dev and the tester has limited knowledge of servers or data? I dont know. But their app proves that masteries have the ability to be altered by an outside source.

Tweet this, Facebook it, Instagram it, reddit, but most importantly spam 2k with it, b/c they have a bunch of robotic public relations on twitter and email bob and Tim l for example let them know you know their lying.

They don’t care i guess, just keep playing the game and yeah buy some skins while ur at it.

I feel your pain buddy, im in exactly the same boat, ive only done 35 hours myself as I work 6 days a week supporting my family,

What little time I had I pumped into this game because I truly love it too, logged in today to find all my stats gone from the one monster ive prob done 30 hours on alone… was so near to elite skin too, though what I more took pride in was being 50 in global goliath rankings… now im a pathetic 40,000+ with 2 wins from this morning, and to kick me in the nuts my deaths have remained… so my WLR is demolished before I even consider trying to go near the top again.

I seriously regret these past few days play, was completely pointless and I too feel abit off colour.


If you don’t have a twitter account make on and tweet @filrobb and @dev_steve & @damjess those are 3 top people at TRS and Then @2ksupport


I’ve been reset twice. Once at level 17, and again at level 31 just now. It’s frustrating but I enjoy playing the game so I’ll get over it. I’m just hoping for a fix soon so at some point in time I can retain my progress and compete at a high level with high level players.


i think they dont restore your account back, because everyone can abuse it and
u have no proof either way.