*UPDATE* w/PATCH NOTES 3/5 5:06pm *HYDE BUFF!* 2 Co-Founder(s) + President/GM + Community Manager of TRS & 2K Sr. Manager on Progress Wipe


Does anyone know what un-linking your 2k account does? I have the companion app so I’ve been afraid to unlink it for fear of losing 50% progrest but I’ve tried nearly everything to try and get my perks to match my rank…


Hang in there man. I just had my account swiped luckily. It is frustrating as hell, but I just got to stick it out. I believe in these guys.


As far as I know nothing. Did it before the reset. Did it after. Just a refresh as far as I know.


At this point taking pictures of anything and everything would be of a benefit. While I am a PC user I’m still so nervous over the issue that I actually have my camera sitting next to my computer right now and will be taking another photo later because I finally reached level 30, and close to elite on Abe. It sure can’t hurt!


This is complete BS, I don’t even touch the game as long as this issue exists. It’s been a week no action taken from anyone.

It’s defiantly even to suggest to people to actually play and record everything. Why? Because we will need to “prove” later what we already achieved over and over? They won’t even give us our unlocks back anyway.

Right now the whole player-base progresses, they learn the game, they achieve and unlock stuff. What do I do? I’m moping my face off the stupid forums and I wont even be compensated.

I could not ever imagine I would get fked so hard by a game and I wont even be compensated. BOTH TRS and 2K are a bunch of amateurs.



So i keep getting told that i’ll be receiving all mastery levels when that is the opposite thing that i need. I Have all my characters, Perks, All that BS… What I don’t have is my Global Leaderboard Rank, Will there be a fix to obtain it again or am i Fcuked. Sorry just a lil upset :frowning:



Im in the exact same postion as you, I have everything but my leader boards stats, I feel your pain, you are not alone mate,
The answer im sure you will get is check in with 2k support if you haven’t already, though I have a feeling you will be left slightly disappointed like me, there is not a lot they can do at this time and with no real promise of a fix in the future.

As I explained to them, im not after freebies or anything I didn’t have, just the wins id worked hard for!


I am just like you and have the same opinion for myself.But this isnt the same for everyone. I have been part of grinding parties where their sole purpose was to progress. Believe me when I say this that they took no entertainment from it. It was a grind for some type of reimbursement. Hell they took less joy out of it then I do out of my job. There was no joy until they got that star and even after it was minimal and quickly on to the next one. It fit my definition of a job, except they got paid in perks instead of money.


That sucks man. It’s such a piss off especially after putting in crazy hours only to be fucked over for challenging kids in a custom match.


I’ll find out. I know there were a number of issues that are fixed in the patch. We are still figuring out exactly what we’re going to be able to do for players who lost stuff. I’ll let you know what the options are when I know.


Alot of testing was done, however do keep in mind that sometimes during Testing…Different iterations of code are used, or different servers and so forth.

I’m sure if it was a bug during testing, it would have possibly occurred since ALOT of people put in many hours during testing, myself incuded.

I have faith in 2K and TRS to find the issue and help resolve it. Sadly if it means you won’t get restored ALL of your progress, well that just stinks but these things can and will happen from time to time.

It’s a matter of understanding that, and pushing forward. Yes it puts a damper on things, but if it does get fixed it still means Evolve is a great game none the less and it shouldn’t deter you from playing it all together.

However if it does, I also understand as well from that player’s perspective. Had this of happened to me, I would have been upset but known it’s not the end of the world and just continued playing a game I care deeply about.

Stay Strong!


Thanks @MacMan (and everyone else there at TRS) for working so hard to fix these issues. Way better than 2k support who barely aknowledge us.

I’m hoping the patch u guys have will fix it…fingers crossed.


We have the fix in testing/certification. It’s a process that it has to go through.

We are also working on what to do for players that it happened to. Hang in there. We’re pushing as hard as we can.

These resets are getting beyond ridiculous now
ETA on a patch? This week or next?

knocking on wood so hard right now, but i havent and havent talked to anyone on my friends list who has data reset. not saying its false, but just saying i dont think its as wide spread an issue as the vocal minority its happening to paint it out to be.


Thanks for getting back to us and showing you guys are aware, and paying attention to us.

Though what does seem to feel like the core issue here is 2k’s support, I know they aren’t able to give answers, solutions the same as you, however the manner in which its being done seems to be the underlying issue and reason for such negativity.

We do all largely come to expect kinks and issues, hell I spent my 1st few days chuckling about the minor ones, its just the progression/stat loss/masteries etc part those sting the most, ive been a gamer for 20 years and ive seen all manner of problems, it still doesn’t make me feel any better about it !

@KabukiTV I totally agree, am now in a more composed mood today, yesterday I went so on tilt it was verging on depression :blush:

Though Ive reignited my love for evolve today and will even attempt some streaming!

Thanks again to @MacMan and everyone involved with TRS trying to sort this mess out!


I agree, it sucks to lose that much game time no doubt. However, it’s a new game and it is IMPOSSIBLE to launch a game without any type of bugs since most of the time they don’t pop up until the game is being played by millions of people. They are well aware of the problem and are working on it (like they have said several times now). Just have to be patient and see what happens. Go play something else before your heart gives out…

I love video games a lot, but they don’t run my life. Some people need to calm down and go outside and relax (unless it’s -10 out like it is by me lol). If you are so upset that your world is going to end over this, go play another game and come back once a patch or two is out.

Also, is this only affecting XBO and PC players? I have it on the XBO and PS4, but have only played the PS4 right now and I haven’t seen anyone complain about this issue on the PS4. Just wondering is all. Good luck to those who lost out on their ranks and what not, I’m sure TRS will figure it out and do something for you guys (but please, don’t be self important morons and expect free games or cash back lol… sorry, but I hate most “gamers” in this day an age for reasons like that). enjoy the game everyone.


I hope it’s possible to see, even from the quotes you have from 4 different people, that we’re all (2K and TRS) deeply invested in getting this resolved as soon as possible. It’s true, we’re working around the clock, tirelessly on this issue.


It would have been insane if you weren’t working around the clock for this, so since the alternative would have been to NOT work on it and waste millions in potential revenue (factoring the blow of a completely broken release in both companies) Ill kinda take it for granted… Also I don’t think anyone is working for free. It’s a huge game-breaking problem that already made the first big crack in the playerbase.

Speaking for myself, I completely lost interest to the game and will seek after a refund.


Pardon me, sir but I’m afraid I am having a difficult time understanding what you’re on about.

Would you be able to reiterate?

Thank you!


There is an obvious reason why they can’t just reinstate everything, or power level you like crazy. They’d get too many bogus tickets claiming lost characters and time. Too many to sort out. That sucks but it’s also the life of a gamer. It is unlikely any game studio/publisher has ever just handed out a replacement for data that has been lost.