*UPDATE* w/PATCH NOTES 3/5 5:06pm *HYDE BUFF!* 2 Co-Founder(s) + President/GM + Community Manager of TRS & 2K Sr. Manager on Progress Wipe

3/5 5:06pm Hyde gets a Buff next patch! (Quote below) My progress has been restored by 2K. The patch to PREVENT Progression Wipes NOT Restore them IS LIVE on Xbox one. This patch ALLOWS 2K to alter your stats manually. A picture of the patch notes are below. | If I hear anything else from 2K or Turtle Rock Studios I will update this thread immediately. Check this thread regularly for updates!

This was my feedback I gave 2K. (if you filed a ticket with 2k, you should have received an email asking for your feedback) Feel free to copy and paste this as your response if you agree with it.

2K Games is responsible for the servers, for The video game “Evolve”. In this game you earn experience and level up. When you level up you unlock perks and characters. There was and is a bug on 2K’s servers that caused thousands of customers to lose all their progress (levels, perks, characters, etc.) For some customers that meant 70-100 hours of work, gone. Poof!

If the developers of the Evolve game, Turtle Rock Studios remained silent, I would have certainly returned my game for a full refund and spent my time degrading 2K and evolve in every way I could. However since TRS has spoken up and said they are sorry for 2K’s mistake and fixed the problem, I’ve actually kept my copy of the game, allowing 2K to keep my money in their bank account and continued to promote Evolve as a game to buy.

I want to thank Co-Founder Chris Ashton @MacMan and Co-Founder @SlabOMeat and Community Manager @DamJess and President & General Manager of Turtle Rock Studios Steve Goldstein for speaking out.

I’m @OldGodDumat

^ Is PROOF they (2k & TRS) CAN manipulate your character mastery.

**If you don’t have a twitter account make one (EDIT FROM @DamJess: Link to create ticket: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) *

I resent any “stop whining” comments.

Xbox Live Gamertag - Da Don Giovanni
Alot of really great Evolve vids here ^


^ Hank has negative barrage even after using it and no shield damage even after using it!


100% here with you dude.

70+ hours of my life gone due to a game breaking bug like this which TRS and 2k have had 5+ days to fix.


They worked on a game for 4.5 Yrs And i know this is a worse case scenario for the team. Hopefully they’ll have a light bulb moment soon and change some 1s and 0s on their end and get our progress back to normal.

Why do you care so much about a colour pallet change?

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Oh my gosh, that sucks, hope your stuff is restored dude.

C’mon man, no need to purposefully aggravate him :unamused:

Skins or not, it’s about the time invested to get those unlocks. If you were to play an MMO, lets say WoW, and if Blizzard said that you’d get your lvl 100 characters back but all of your items + gear which took hundreds of hours to acquire couldn’t be returned, I’m sure you’d be plenty miffed as well.


Not even this they are offering just the chracter unlocks, not my level, no perks, no mastery, nothing.

I just don’t understand. Why do you need anything else besides characters?

Perks you freaking … abilities recharge 23% faster is major advantage, one that I WORKED for and has been STOLEN FROM ME!


Firstly. Calm down man, this game has only been out for 4 days.

Secondly. What does it really matter? Just go on solo and farm it again.


I feel your pain… Lvl 28 elite caira and bucket( bucket was a pain) and I was so close to elite lazuras all gone… Lost all motivation to play


6 days actually.

Also, it’s not that were too lazy to level all of the stars again, it’s the fact that you work hard for something, then it just gets taken away out of nowhere and it’s not even in your control.


It’s easy to tell others “lol go back and farm” when you haven’t lost everything @Kronos . It’ll take at least 15+ hours if he does evacuation all day and his team wins a majority of those days. It’s like working for someone privately for 20+ hours only to find out that the check you’ve received from them bounced. Oh sure, the individual will most likely go to someone else for work, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t screwed over and now have to put in double the effort for what they’ve lost.

@ReleaseDaKraken I really hope 2K will make it up to you and all the players who have lost their progress. I just don’t understand how the hell they can’t simply change it on their end. I’d imagine that they have all our information/progress on servers (considering I can get 50% done for all my masteries with a 2K account and the Evolve App) . The main reason why I point the finger at 2K is because if TRS had the option to help people out right now with their accounts I KNOW they would. For the months I’ve been here, TRS & friends has been fantastic to the community and they have gone far and beyond what any other DEV crew has ever done (besides Valve).

2K had better repay everyone who lost all their progress, and not something like “LOL 1 FREE DLC SKIN.” If they can tweak your masteries with the Evolve App, then I’d imagine that they can at least tweak them for users who lost their progress. Wish I could do something to help out, but don’t have the power to do anything. All we can do is be patient, unfortunately :confused:


That’s the funniest thing I’ve read or heard in a week. Thank you for that. Thank you for acknowledging my strife and thank you for being a trooper for turtle rock. I felt like I had become friends with Phil Robb but I don’t see him having the power to do anything. Which is sad.

I’m with other users I think I’m going to give up on evolve. Every game has a complete failure as launch but this… This has never happened to me and I was involved in all the major launch failures of the past 2-3years. Having 70+ hours reset is insane.

150 legit in air rock throws. You know hard that is to do?

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Because why would anyone not want what they’ve achieved to be kept standing? It takes time, skill and effort to build up mastery and it’s not right to ever suggest someone is wrong for wanting that achievement to stay standing, rather than have to repeat it.


Man I see those threads pop up constantly and boy am I glad I haven’t come across this bug yet. I’ve got all three elite monster skins and I sure as hell WORKED for them.

So if they were suddenly taken away from me, I’d be furious. I feel your pain, just the thought of it makes me uneasy. I really hope they’ll fix this issue ASAP so you can rest assured this never happens again.


Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean you should not voice your opposition against it. Continue to advocate for the customers right to a fair deal.


But it might happen again so whats the point I’ve seen people who have gotten reset 3 times

I feel sick on my stomach…

If anything its error on 2K not TRS. 2K is the one that saves all of our info.

Pointing this out so you don’t point the guns at the wrong person.

I feel your pain though. Elite Goliath and Markov were HELL to get. It’d be salty if I had to get them again.