Update: This is what Xbox games look like on 'Project Scorpio,' on 4K and 1080p displays


More comparisons


This is hideous. Stop falling for cheap hype like this pushing snake oil on consumers for revenue.The difference is all from going from 720p to actual 1080p and not the 4k jump. Those 1080p images are blurry as fuck


The difference is pretty substantial in person. Got to use one in person and watch a live tech demo.


What I mean is the difference is because consoles are finally getting 1080p

These tech demos are “impressive” by picking how bad some of the games are rendered on resolutions close to 720p before being upscaled to 1080p. 4K is not getting any big leaps.

4K monitors are quite impopular in pc gaming atm because whever someone tries it its obvious how little it does for IQ when compared to how taxing it is on graphic processing





That’s different from console gaming though. The majority of people play on TVs, not monitors. And 4K TVs are much more popular than 4K monitors.

Consoles have had 1080p for a while now, it’s just that not every game can run it.

Personally, I like what many developers are doing and offering two choices when you play, a “visual” mode or a “performance” mode. Basically you can either get beautiful 4K textures and 30fps or you can get a slightly lower visual quality with everything supersampled down to 1080p and the game runs at 60 fps.

It’d take 60fps for most games, but certain single player games I’d like native 4K to experience the world.




Did you see how the XBOX ONE is identical to the X360 in an attempt to increase the oneX flashiness?
If that’s how it actually plays on the Xbox One it simply means there was never any visual upgrades before jumping two generations


Weak GPU and Kinect using up resources were the problem


There’s no justification for that. They simply didn’t code any improvements. The difference between the x360 and the xone is as big as if not bigger than between the one and the x. Kinect has its own processing, it’s not that taxing


Got and holy man Halo 3 looks really good. Better than MCC bar the 30 FPS. Mmm.


Sick, dude. I’ll be getting mine come Christmas.


I missed something. What’s the scorpio edition?



Ahh ok. Thank you!



Does anyone here have the XboxOne X? I want to see if there’s any difference for Evolve!