Update problem fixed


when i try to download the update it goes to 100% and then says download set on pause but i cant resume it or anything i tryed checking coache files thing and reinstalling nothing works though so i was wondering if anyone on forums know a fix
also im on pc btw

EDIT: It have been fixed i tryed restarting and i think its because hamachi likes to fuck with my internet stuff when its not open im just gonna uninstall it since im pretty sure it was that


I don’t, sorry. : /


i don’t even see the patch on my download list on the ps4… so yeah…


well we can wait together xD


haha true! wat system you’re on?


pc i see. nevermind :stuck_out_tongue


yeah you said ps4 and reminded me i should probaly be clear about what system im on so i edited it


also very weird that everybody else got the patch but not me…


Have you tryed turning it off and on again? :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah also checked for the latest update. it says that the latest update was 1.02


I got the update so im gonna play some awesome rock monster i hope you get ur stuff fixed man! :smiley:


thanks :slight_smile: enjoy playing!