Update on XB1 patch


I’m told the new characters only work in Custom Evac Mode currently. At 5pm PDT you should be able to play them in all in any mode. @DamJess said this here: 4th Tier Hunters Locked (XB1)

EDIT from @damjess:


3 words


Well at least we get maps first :sunglasses:


Ketchup is superior!!


All glory to ketchup race




Just tried Evac mode solo on Xbox1. Should I go offline possibly?



dunno, try it


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Doesn’t work


Ermahgerd rly?


Thank you for the balance of this world.


I hate comments like these.

They have been working on this massive game, with a relatively small studio.

Of course nothing will be perfect right away.

They didn’t take your money, you gave it to them


You’re an honest man, Wut. Kudos.


Yes, but something was expected in return.

People are honestly getting sick of all the bugs and screw-ups that have taken place since the launch of this game, particularly on Xbox One. They have a right to be irritated by this. If you don’t want to see them vent, go elsewhere.


We got everything else first
chill not a big deal pc and ps4 got something first.


It’s one thing to be irritated, its another to rage and belittle/shame the developers.

I honestly don’t understand how people might think the Dev’s somehow benefit from having a buggy game. They are OBVIOUSLY working to fix things.

Entitlement is my biggest pet peeve here. I haven’t seen any bugs in my time playing. I know they exist, but I also know they are in the process of getting fixed.

People just need to chill out >_<


If this was the first issue, people would be more gentle about it. But this is the latest in a constant stream of fuck ups around this game (I blame 2K for this, not Turtle Rock). People need to vent, so get over yourself and let them do so.

This is not an issue of self-entitlement; it is an issue of justifiable frustration.


I could be frustrated that I need 6-8 hours of sleep each day or I die, but I’m not gonna go around blaming God or my Parents for their shitty work.

See what I’m getting at?