Update On Wraith Title update 9.0 Spec


Now I’ll say this I love Wraith as one of the best monsters that I ideally play as and with. But I fear that changing wraith as a whole for his decoy may change my mind, As the devs said “we will change wraith to have no cloak in decoy and alowing the player to use his ability a while in decoy/cloak” Shouldn’t that be for another Teir of Wraith instead since we know that’s going to come soon prob. Around Nov or Dec. Why change the decoy for main wraith to have no cloak it’s ment to have a cloak for a reason because it’s a decoy. I would rather prefer the devs putting that idea of balancing towards the new Teir of wraith ok My Opinion


Decoy in its current form is toxic. Decoy in its future form will no longer be toxic. Any decrease in toxicity is a good move in my book, so I fully support this idea; and yes, I’m a monster player mostly.


I’d rather original Wraith be more viable so she’s picked more, instead of having the variant be the only one picked.


I think there’s no reason why Wraith and Decoy can’t be viable without the invisibility. Also we haven’t heard all the details of how Decoy will operate while out, I believe.


…Maybe the variation of Wraith will have some kind of cloaking ?


I doubt it, though never say never. Cloaking is on the way out in general, the devs have even talked about Lazarus’ cloak not being safe from being chopped in the future if he still isn’t properly fair to monsters.


Decoy could be renamed in TU9. Ya never know :wink:

I’m just waiting for the T6 variants :wink:


i think TRS have a most better idea for the Wraith variant as jut remove the cloak and make her able to fight if decoy is activated . I just can say what they hv done whit Elder-Kraken abilitys :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d actually be ok with cloak on Decoy, if that’s all it was, a decoy, and not a physical being that inflicts damage. I’ve always felt the name of the ability has been off. If it’s a decoy, it should be programmed to run from the hunters and lure them away, instead of being able to fight. if the change is made so it’s more advertised as a battle decoy, taking the cloak away makes sense. If they change the name and called it clone, and put the wraith invisible, I’d have no issue with that (all you need really is a fire damage dealer and the cloak isn’t an issue. The name has always been misleading and it does need some sort of change. A bit off topic, but it seems like a decoy change is coming, and I’d prefer it be more accurate.

Decoys are meant to distract and mislead, not meant to be able to hurt, regardless that’s what really grinds my gears.


Cloak is toxic. At first I didn’t want it removed, but I have since changed my mind.


If youre truly the ninja you think you are, you don’t need the crutch of 100% invisibility to sneak around.

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We don’t fully know that yet.


I wish it was a adaption with lower damage but slightly…


Actually, we do know that since the Devs have stated the change is to lessen toxicity in the game.


I feel like a lot of people are missing a key point here.


to lure or entice (a person or animal) away from an intended course

Nowhere in the definition does it say “Makes you invisible”. A decoy can just be a distraction or misdirection, and having an identical clone who’s also trying to tear you a new orofice seems fairly distracting to me. No need for a name change.


I’ve always liked doppelganger. However thats a lengthy callout.


That’s been said before about certain things that have just pissed people off further. Saying something is less toxic doesn’t automatically make it less toxic.


I agree completely… btw @skills4u2envy excellent job on the new videos you did for TRS… they blew my mind lol.

Anyway, In regards to the Wraith changes. I, Like you, play Wraith. In fact, shes the only monster I play besides gorgon.These changes will be for the better. When I first heard about the Wraith changes I was also disappointed but when you take into consideration all things such as: toxicity, play styles, past wraith changes, low player base and new players coming in, you realize that TRS is making these changes for the good of the game to appeal to new players. The question arises with how do the vets of this game feel about these changes and I think most of us agree that these changes are in fact better. Sure it takes away from Wraiths original idea as a stealthy assassin but if it allows for new players to enjoy the game more and attract new players, then im all for it.

As for the other changes, I dont mind the support changes, the trapper changes however, I feel it will just make playing monster incredibly harder, however, doable. As it is, playing against competent teams is challenging as it is. Im a bit against the trapper sonar thing. Perhaps if they made it to where sneaking leaves the sonar direction indicator a bit disorientated–cant think of a better word–so where it points out a bigger field of possibilities as to where the monster is would be better. does that make sense? Domes are cool, I love the idea of everyone throwing the dome and everyone being able to take it down.

but thats where i stand with the changes. I like em. whatever keeps players playing and what ever attracts new players.


Well, they’re not just saying it, they’re actually changing things.


Clearly you didn’t understand what I said. Just because they changed something and they think it’s less toxic than the prior version, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it IS less toxic. It’s happened before.

I’m not saying that it’s going to be toxic, nor am I saying that’s it’s not. I’m just saying that we should wait until we actually get our hands on it to make a call like that.