Update on the Hacker situation

I m going a bit off topic but I’m going to use the dev monotoring of this thread to be 100% sure. I really dislike the crosshair of this game for most weapons and often think about getting a customized one. Any way I can do this legit?

Can anyone recommend a good AV program that is free. I use to have AVG but it starting going bat shit crazy on me so I just uninstalled it. Currently I have CCleaner and just use Window Essentials for firewall and AV. I’m going to make another account and test this out, if I get banned again then I can confirm without a doubt that either a program that is opening IS actively screwing with something and the anti-cheat doesn’t like it, or there is some kind of malicious file on my computer somewhere.
I’m not giving up on this until I know that I have at least tried everything that I possibly can. If that’s not enough then at least I know I tried to figure this out. Thanks in advance.

Avast is good. I use the free version coupled with MalwareBytes though.

Only way I can think of is request the feature from the UI guys, and hope they aren’t too busy to implement it.


Yep, you cant use win10 and any program what denided to microsoft get information on your pc, its poison also to 2K! Did you read anywhere about that? like EULA?? That link they send me like every post, Nope … there is so many miss understandings and gamers lose (5000 now)… they have to do something … sad but true , metallica :joy:

Wouldn’t F2P mean more players?

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It would and does.

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So there was a thread recently with someone had a config file to increase performance in Evolve, so everyone who tried that could get banned?

I’m new to PC gaming, I always thought modding was hacking, and thought modding could be as simple as altering a config file?

I have been playing with my new pc setup recntly and looking for the best performance possible, I didnt use the config file but was thinking about trying to modify the resolution settings to some custom value.

Is that different? Is that bannable? Should I not try to mess with anything and just accept what seems like visual distortion on my 21:9 75hz monitor?
It looks stretched, I even use the “original format” option and it goes to 3:4 mode, despite windows res and in game res being set to 2560 x 1080p.

Maybe for 21:9 you supposed to turn FOV to minimum?

Is it ok to play within the config file? (If I actually find it that is, lol)

changing something in a config file will never get you banned.

I just use microsoft essentials on all my pc’s, AVG used to be good but now its kinda crappy IMO.

Oh ok thanks, I guess i shouldnt worry then as I dont know what this is talking about then, lol

Can I mess with resolution via config file?

I dont want to side track but I am having similar issues as monster recently, not sure why buts it just became a lot harder recently, it almost feels impossible sometimes and I have many, many wins as stage 1 monsters, now I am dieing to bots in tutorial for goodness sake!! LOL.

But yeah hackers bad, I will say I do not think I have encountered one yet, fingers crossed I wont ever get up to that skill level where they live.

I think the only human readable config file is settings.xml under the userdata folder. Editing it will not get you banned, but user editing of that file isn’t officially supported. Please don’t send us any bug reports after doing that, ok?

If you delete your userdata and let Evolve write the settings.xml file again, you can resume reporting bugs after that.


I dont know how to report bugs so no worries I guess.

Once I start recording i will post vids of that which I feel is wrong.

Thanks for the tips!

I mean the Bugs forum. My point is, if/when the game malfunctions due to what you type in there, I don’t want to hear about it. :slight_smile:


@ArPharazon I know that you are a TRS employee but don’t know if what I’m about to ask is your field or not. So to put this simply I make videos for Evolve and I’m wondering, since the EULA is obviously rather robust, is it possible that my ban could have actually been due to an intellectual rights/copyright issue? For example I use a TRS video, such as the Wraith release video and the Electro Griffin announcement video, in some of the guide videos I made. Is there any way that this could actually have been a potential cause for my ban? I still plan on trying to use some kind of AV program to sweep my computer completely and Malwarebytes as other users have informed me of.
I’m just really trying to get to the bottom of this. If this isn’t your area of expertise is there someone that I could tag that could give me more information on that?

Personally I think if there was a legal problem, someone would have sent you a cease and desist letter or something, but that is me speculating on things with which I am not involved.

The only two reasons I know of for a ban have been stated above: clear-cut and definitive user reports of cheating with sufficient evidence, or detection of product tampering.


Hello Everyone!

The more detailed questions you ask about how we are tracking accounts that are then flagged as hackers are putting up a lot of red flags for me.

The last thing we want to do is give hackers an idea of how we’re countering them.

This is the last time we will say this and posts will be hidden that appear to be prodding our devs for this information.

Thank you for your time.


I can see how my post was perceived as prodding and I apologize for that. I was getting my degree in college for game and simulation programming before the birth of my child so I tend to go into a much more analytical breakdown of things than what most people would probably think of, sorry about that again.
I’m just doing everything I can to try and prove my innocence or find out if, somewhere on my computer, there is some form of malicious software making changes or interfering with other programs running. I know it has pretty much been seen as unanimous that the burden of proof is on the player but this is a pretty one-sided slope I’m trying to fight up. Just doing whatever possible to understand what is going on and what I can do to help.

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Dude, I’m going to be honest with you I don’t really think they care about the situation your in.