Update on the Hacker situation

Yep good bye…

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You seem very confident about the system being perfect but it sure doesn’t seem to be, sad to see so many probably innocent players getting banned with no reason or proof and seemingly no way to appeal.

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At no point has TRS said the system was perfect. What they said was that they are confident that the system is providing objective and correct information but that they are continuously reviewing the information to make sure its correct.


Right, ‘innocent’. I don’t believe that for a second. Every time anything like this happens people come out of the woodwork crying about how they were wrongly banned because they cheated thinking there’d be no consequences. It’s the internet, where you’re completely anonymous. There’s no way to get an actual reading of character, and it’s exceedingly simple to lie. Particularly when there are no further consequences for lying. I don’t believe people were wrongly accused whatsoever.


What you’ve just said sums it up.

You don’t believe peole are innocent and were wrongfully banned. And the ones who are complaining don’t believe on TRS when it’s said that there is a “continuous review” of the bans.

But, in the end, whats the point of fiercingly trying to prove innocence? This is not a paid game, the punishment is not being unable to play. The punishment is to make another account, because that’s all that is required to start playing again.

The topic where people were complaining and/or trying do deffend theyselves have just been closed. Unable to connect : Issue with account

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Lies on the internet? Me as multi billionaire 6years old princess living on the dark side of the Moon in my huge luxorious villa, do not believe in lies.My dragons would sure tell me if there would be lies on the internet. Because dragons control internet along with Obama who is muslim and his citizenship is fake because he is Putin’s brother with plastic surgery as everyone knows. Believe me.


@TheMountainThatRoars They seem quite confident nobody got wrongly banned, so the system would be perfect. I’m glad that they are reviewing the cases, although not offering appeals or even the ban reason. You would know with that lock.

@Terry_Locke Yes of course, some people will always believe the devs wronged nobody, anyone who says otherwise is lying.

@Aham002 Punishment is losing all your progress and naturally people getting unjustly banned will have distrust and dislike for the devs.

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Awezomenezz. That’s what I trying to say. If we were cheating, we wouldn’'t be so upset. We’d be banned, then we just had to create another account and cheat once again. We are here fiercely trying to prove innocence because we don’t want to lose our progress, our hardwork, our time invested. But the ones that are defending the system are failing to see this. The punishment falls on the ones who are not to blame, these lose their progress. The ones that were cheating would just create another account. What’s progress when you are cheating?? They won’t need a perk to move faster, they’d just teleport to where the monster is, they won’t need a perk to reduce damge, they’d just be invincible, they won’t need a perk to do more damage, they can do whatever damage they please. But what happens to us that invested 150h to unlock the perks? We lose that because something that we don’t know hat is got us banned. We could create another account, yes. But how can we possibly trust that we won’t be banned and lose our progress again??

People on this topic are really missing this point. They are failing to see what a silver-tonge OP had. As I said on the topic that was closed.

Sorry, for bad english… But i’m not understand, all innocent people that get banned, without reason, just can delete this game? Beacuse it’s waste of time
for developers to investigate? In 2k supports just said, bunned for large winstreak and ignored after that 3 days.

How large?I did not get ban for 350wins in row :^)

As long as the detection is only on the client side hackers/cheaters/cheat-devs will find a way to mock away your detection. I hope this change is enough but I doubt it. Even the best companies who work every day on those security measures didnt found a way yet to prevent client side manupulation.

Client side detection makes it harder to hack but not impossible :frowning:
I am a bit sad now but I hope its enough to get rid of the hackers in Evolve.

At least it will exclude the free noob cheat tools but I doubt that it will exclude players with an undetected charged cheat-tool. But nevertheless I wish the game the best to get rid of that cheaters.

What did you do?

nope, just 105-110 winstreak in co-op vs AI.

@Aham002 Misunderstood a bit, I agree.with that.

@Lored Nothing you can really do at the moment, hope TRS will unban some innocent people including you or offer appeals.

Yes well excuse me for believing a company who has to go through certification and Q&A testing before releasing anything, who have livelihoods on the line, along with a very visible dedication and love for their work, over some random people claiming innocence on forum accounts I’m seeing for the first time today.

  • A company whose publishing and pricing policy were so bad that they killed the game and had to re-release it, even with their livelihoods on the line, even with Q&A testing and certification. Ok. Ok, you convinced me, they really are failproof. Sorry to even start arguing with you.
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2K Games is the publisher for their game and they decided how it would be advertised and sold. Not TRS, they only made the game.


Really? You’re going back to the dlc stuff? You know that’s not what killed the game, right? Lots of other, more popular games have had far more outrageous pricing and dlc models than evolve did, and they have sold/still sell extremely well. And TRS had literally nothing to do with either the pricing nor marketing for Evolve. That was all 2k’s fuck up.

Besides that, they are an extremely small and relatively new/inexperienced studio. This is only the second game they’ve ever made to my knowledge.

Also, I’m not sure how that at all ties into whether or not they’re making something up lol but I can see you’re being extremely bitter and obstinate, so I’m going to stop talking to you.


People who made a bad choice and didn’t want to lose their progress despite having at least tried out a cheat would do much the same.

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