Update not on X1 yet (Xbox Patch now available)


Wtf. Any day now…


It’s Microsoft fault. It will be here by 27th PST as specified in trailer. If it doesn’t come but then, there will be actual cause for worry.

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Thread for this already


I know. I’m pissed. I rushed a bunch of chores and shit so I could have some time to play before bed only to sit down a couple minutes ago to see the game hasn’t updated. Cool. With all due respect, next time, I’d rather they just didn’t give us times if they aren’t sure. Don’t like getting my hopes up. Especially when I can’t play tomorrow #rantover #crybabycry #itsjustbecauseIlovethisgamesomuch #everynewreleaseislikechristmasday #whatifchristmaswasdelayed #huhmicrosofthuh #sorryforthehashtags


What are you guys talking about?

I got Kala and the update hours ago.


have you played her or just downloaded her? a bunch of us downloaded her but cant play her until we get the patch which you will know when you get it because its like 1.5gb download…


Not in the US


It’s been updated, it won’t be hitting XB1 until about 10am PST. Might as well get some rest.


Sorry you guys got hit with the delay. :frowning:


Hey guys, I’m told that the update might be live now.

Can you confirm?



Can confirm. My evolve is updating right now.


Much obliged!