Update me on behemoth?


Sorry i wasnt watching the stream can someone update me about behemoth? (: such as if he gets skins etc. :smiley: ill also take a link to an article that answers my questions (:


He’ll have his own set of skins that are all stone/rock/gem based


o cool :slight_smile: are they all 4 purchase or are they exclusives?


He soaks up damage like a sponge, literally you watch your armoring draining like someone poked a hole in a water cooler.


So hes…not tanky? O.o


They seem exclusive to behemoth from what the devs say


They showed off the Jade, Sandstone, and Elite skin. And trust me, Behemoth’s full potential was revealed last night.


Quite true


The elite skin looks smexy


I mean will they all be available for purchase or are they limited time?


Eh, I liked Jade better.


Don’t believe they said, but probably purchasable. :disappointed:




Im colour blind and found it hard to notice

The jade skin I mean


Tanky in terms of a lot of health yes, but man it threw the impression i had of him now.


Where bruh?



Yeah I can kinda see the differance there


I think people have mistakenly thought that because Goliath is big and brutish, and so is Behemoth, that they’ll play things a bit like Goliath does and it’ll be alright. The first stream last week showed that hunters are going to walk all over you as they (unusually) have the maneuverability over the monster against Behemoth, so sitting in the open and trying to just damage your way through everything is no good. Your weak spot is bigger/easier to hit and you are easier to hit.

Last night showed a bit more diversity with the behemoth play, using those abilities to create problems for hunters trying to outrun or juke the monster, being much more free and easy with the traversal to keep the fight moving around more.


Anyways I think players who played against Behemoth in this stream get payed to go easy on him so he wont get wrecked totally again.