"UPDATE" Custom evolve and other games wallpapers for wallpaper engine


So I created a custom evolve wallpaper for the people who use wallpaper engine and use the Simplistic Audio Visualizer mod.

I’ll be posting other wallpaper that you can us with this mod and if you have an idea be sur to let me know

And an other wallpaper:

And yet an other I just finished that you can use without wallpaper engine

Hope you guys like it! :slight_smile:


What is this wallpaper engine you speak of?


It’s a program on steam with wich you can have animated wallpapers. It’s awesome!


Oh, awesome!


I can show you a preview of how the evolve one look like i you want. :slight_smile:


Please do!


So the image is not animated but you can see the bar and they react to music video etc and you can customise how they look the color and the color of the background here you go a little giff of how it looks

bandicam 2017-09-17 16-46-59-157

I you want i can show you an actual animated background that you can find the the workshop or you could just go on the workshop and see for yourself :slight_smile:


Ahh ok, I’ll definitely be checking into this!


Also to note, IIRC, you can set it to shut down when launching applications (like games), so it doesn’t use too much (if any) CPU/RAM


You can also make videos play as wallpapers in short loops.

I considered doing this with the old menu backgrounds with Evolve.

If you’re looking into using the Wallpaper engine. Stagnant assets, are not ideal. Looks for small movements, such as idle animations and what not.


I know that you can do that with wallpaper engine but i don’t know how to animate a background soooo yeah


I considered doing this with the old menu backgrounds with Evolve.

Neat idea! I’m downloading Legacy Evolve right now to see if I can get some nice looping footage that I can throw together. Will post here if I end up making anything, but it might be a while since work is hella busy these days.


Some are in the communitt asset collection.


This is totally gonna be a thing. Did a little tinkering tonight…

Now i just need to

  1. Import the correct font to the theme
  2. Create the custom thumbnails
  3. Change font to our lovely orange… Hehehe


That’s awesome, I want it on my phone!


Hey nice work! It’s awesome!


Working on making a full apk for the themes. Used a few generators, but couldn’t get a the desired effect. Looks like i’m gonna be coding this.

Will update when i get time to work on this.