Update Caira tips and strategies


This thread is just for those who would like to donate tips and strategies for caira, it seems all the tips are outdated, Also, this is not a way for me to farm tips cause i lack creativity and cannot think of any strategies…


@moiser can help you.


I just think she sucks :smile:


Mad @moiser ?


naw, she doesnt suck she has such high potential if played right but i just feel the tips in the old thread are super out dated and no longer apply cause of all the nerfing/buffing done throughout the game


I think caira to be fairly balanced but she just needs a little nudge in her healing. Try some pudding.


Are you sure? Because Caira hasn’t been changed that much.

She’s had an AF CD increase and a healing grenade radius nerf, both minor, and then the Reload nerf affected her a bit (as did the Capacity nerf) and now she’s had one HB CD buff (reduction) with another on the way.

She’s still rather similar to before.


Tip No. 1 : Keep shooting grenades… And die from boredom

  • Fire the Healing Grenades at your feet while bunny hopping when you need to heal yourself in order to both heal yourself and kite the Monster at the same time
  • Learn to anticipate Hunter movement and more importantly, Monster ability knockback. You’ll need to see the Warp Blast coming and know to shoot the following Healing Grenade a distance behind the Hunter or against a high wall.
  • Hunter at full health? Shoot a Healing Grenade anyway right before he/she gets hit by an attack.


Are you sure? Dang, you guys must be on a different build than I am…

Regarding the medics

You know, someone’s asking for advice. No need to be a dick.

Anyways, like Roses said. Caira hasn’t changed that much and still pretty much plays the same. Her main perks have been nerfed (for some reason capacity is still not fixed but whatever) but yeah, i’d suggest you look into the pinned thread a bit. Lot’s of useful tips people put out there ^^


I read on wiki nearly after release tip to shoot healing grenades straight in the air to anticipate where wounded hunter will be so greande will a bit later fall down to his position while Caira can shoot another more direct greandes while those from previous clip are still in the air… Yeah, great in theory, good luck in practice…


You know, and there is no need to be a dick calling someone a dick for no valid reason.


Please spread love not dicks X-D


Let’s get back on topic and not start an argument.


Sorry for being AFK this whole time, everyone, this time of year is a bit hectic for me at work, thank you for the tips!


@moiser @MidnightRoses sorry for starting this thread up again, and i know ive talked to someone about this before, bur are we absolutely sure cairas healing nades output dont go up when multiple hunters are in range of them? I was watching the advanced tutorials for her-- for some reason i like watching them-- and it said it does. I know its outdated, just curious, perhaps one od the devs could confirm/deny it?


Yes, I am sure.

And no it doesn’t say that. It says “to maximize healing output” as in efficiency.

Healing four hunters at once is maximizing the healing output of that grenade.

The tutorial is a little misleading, but I’m several million per cent sure that it doesn’t.

Also if you want Moiser you’ll need to tag @moiser01. He’s having trouble with his account, last I heard. Or has that been resolved?


oh ok, thanks for clarifying that.


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i didnt mean to caira specifically, just the nerfs and buffs done throughout the game. monster damage output, monster health/armour, things of that sort.