Update 2.16 Discussion thread - Chill here

The Lance buff is outweighed pretty heavily by the Thunderstrike nerf. It was very effective against slower targets that often spent most of their time on the ground and was virtually useless against aerial targets.

It was a big part of her burst. Now it’s harder to land and gives significantly less reward.




i dont know why youre complaining about the gold perk when the silver one is more op

For the first time, excited in these arounds. Going for that new bob.


It’s easier to land. It just does less burst.

@Nefarian is right, from update 2.11


theres no reason for this to be a tooltip error, i also checked all patches from 2.12 to 2.15 i didint found any nerfs on claws.

this really triggers me, cause trs has a tendency of omiting the other 5% of the changes,be this map changes or small perk changes, solo queue buffs(i can understand this one). but any other omitted changes makes me itchy, hell i wont be suprised if they fixed “exploits” and “bugs” and they omitted those as well.

Oh whoops, I read that wrong. :sweat_smile:

This slipped through when they transferred all the files my way. I can add the change into the notes right now.

My apologies.

Edit: So what happened was this change was supposed to go over in 2.15, along with more Slim nerfs. The changes were left out from the week previous and carried over to 2.16 and on a separate doc. A lot has been going on so things got mixed up. Sorry for the confusion!


@Insane_521 gotta say, Ice Bob is a total blast to play against!


Not sure I see that. Strong, sure, but better than flat out gaining health? Gonna have to explain that one. Armor prevents some damage, but the extra health “undos” the damage you took getting the strike (effectively having the same impact as the armor) but it also has the effect that if you manage to get a strike without losing all your armor, or very little health, you’ll get back HP, something that’s impossible with the silver one.

Watching Horse Toast scrim and they seem to dislike the gold one, too. At high level it might turn out not to be as good as it appears to be but it’s “win more” kind of perk.

There you go TRS i purchased gold keys. When a good job is done, is our duty to reward.

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Is there anybody else who cant use Glacial bobs 4th ability? i even tried binding it to a different key. Strange.

It’s a passive, it makes your melees like mini ice fissures

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Where is the observer mode? I can’t spectate any players or bots. If it is there, perhaps make it so you can click spectate on a team (even offline).

thanks, this restores my confidence on you :heart:

well the thing is the silver one is better for sticking around since you gain more armor than you would health with the gold one.

so basicily it gives more effective health in a fight and also negates chase punish

edit: also once it wears of your not directly into health dmg again which lets you stick around even longer. i feel the gold one is more for hit and run gameplay

Ohhh Thanks. Guess i shoulda read the update info :wink:

Glacial Bob? Awesome adaptation! Fun to play as and against, best thing added on the monster side since a long time.

The rest? What the heck?
New perks that will make the living hell of pubs down to another circle while having little to no impact on the high-end. All aboard the fun train, direct to the void.

Questionnable balance change coming out of nowhere with no insight for three weeks in a row.
The Slim case, after some weeks of carefull nerfs, got a heavy nerf. Why using a toothbrush at the start if you want to take the sledgehammer latter? Yes he need some nerfs, but try to be consistent at least.
And an EMET nerf? Seriously? Respawn beacon is useless againt good player, so better nerf it so bad player stand a chance! So you want to balance competively only characters that are competitive?

Patch after patch, i really don’t know where this game is heading…


That badge was released prior. Ive been wanting it and I don’t even play kraken ;-;

All that sounds great, but not “why bother talking about the gold one when this one is so much more OP” kind of great.