Update 2.15 - The Wraith and The Dam - LIVE NOW!

The Dam Revision added to Custom Games

  • Players will be able to select the latest revision of The Dam in custom games now.
  • Be sure to give the latest version of The Dam a go!

2 Arena Maps added to Arcade queue

  • We’ve added Distillery and Wraith Trap and Arena maps into Arcade matchmaking.

Wraith Refactor

  • Wraith has gone through a refactor on 2 abilities and we’ve added a new passive ability, Isolation to help give her more power in the current meta. Be sure to get the full information on her latest rework in the balance section below!

Store Drop

  • Electro Griffin Blood Eagle Hunter Skin
  • Parnell Blood Eagle Hunter Skin
  • Tech Sgt Hank Blood Eagle Hunter Skin
  • Hank Blood Eagle Hunter Skin
  • Hank Man Eater Hunter Skin
  • Hank Monarch Hunter Skin
  • Hank Valkyrie Hunter Skin
  • Caira Monarch Hunter Skin
  • Caira Valkyrie Hunter Skin
  • Behemoth Glacial Skin
  • Wraith Jellyfish skin
  • Goliath White Tiger Skin
  • Kraken Calypso Skin
  • Abe Night Hunter Weapon Skin
  • Blitz Markov Night Weapon Skin
  • Wasteland Maggie Night Hunter Skin
  • Tech Sgt Hank Night Hunter Skin
  • Caira Night Hunter Skin

AI Kraken and Elder Kraken added to Co-op vs AI

  • You’ll be finding our favorite lighting striking Monsters in Co-op vs AI starting today!

Balance Changes


  • New passive - Isolation

    • Isolated targets within a 60 m radius get isolation stacks applied to them every 5 seconds.
      • Hunters are considered isolated if they are not within 20m of teammates
    • Each isolated stack deals 60 damage with a max of 5 stacks on a single target.
    • Isolation stacks are permanent until Wraith procs the effect with a melee
  • Decoy (Renamed to Phantom)

    • duration increased to 14|14|18 from 6|6|8
    • can now be despawned early by pressing the ability after it has been casted
    • cooldown is reduced by 8 second when killing a target
    • When casted without a target it will enter the sneak state and wait to ambush any hunter that gets close
  • Supernova

    • Cooldown decreased to 10|8 seconds from 12|10 seconds
    • Supernova duration increased to 4|6|6 seconds from 3.15 seconds
    • Supernova now has a max hit counter of 3
    • Damage increased to 70 from 60
    • Supernova no longer has a bubble



  • Heal burst
    • Heal other reduced to 160 from 165
    • Self heal reduced to 150 from 155
    • Incap heal reduced to 245 from 250

Bug Fixes

  • Shooting Behemoth’s Rock Wall will no longer charge Slim or Paladin Parnell’s Heal Burst.
  • Ingame help text for Wraith now properly states what the Phantom ability does.
  • Placeholder text when prompted to buy a badge has been updated.
  • A user will no longer be left in an empty, unresponsive lobby when a player they’ve matched with backs out.
  • Fixed a number of issues that was causing the user to be unable to reopen the Crates menu.
  • Daisy no longer starts an Arena match with a strike if she had strikes last round.
  • A timer will now be displayed when people are on a lobby penalty timer when leaving a Hunt Beta match. Before, nothing was displayed and it looked like the lobby was broken.
  • Ingame HUD markers should better reflect what direction the object is.
  • Elite and Prime skinned Elder Kraken will no longer change to default Elder Kraken skin when damaged.
  • Fixed a texture break on Elite Meteor Goliath’s tail.
  • Skin reward icons from crates have been scaled correctly.

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