Update 2.11 Slim OP Again

Stage 3 Goliath couldn’t even take him down so do something about it TRS

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I’m a Goliath main and I can assure you his FB deals little to no damage to other Hunters when Slim’s Mutated Adernal Gland is on.

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Wait adrenaline gland only heals himself and doesn’t affect fire rate or reload speed

Nope, it heals all the Hunters within range

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wow, maybe I read the patch note wrong
or the patch note is wrong because it only said it grants self healing for slim

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I don’t play slim so maybe it’s bugged but those patch notes definitely say it’s only supposed to affect him


I think i have to agree…and now he isnt strong against behemoth alone, i played against him as kraken, flying at great distance, kept hitting him with everything i had, 3 banshees, ls, vortex…and nothing. He didnt even bother to dodge. Just took the damage and all i could do is remove half of his hp.

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Kraken’s not in a good place more than anything at the moment.
He only has three viable abilities, one of them can be destroyed, the other could be tanked and LS is pretty avoidable at the moment. Until his AS and BM get reworked he will continue to struggle against most comps.

Well I did say this back in the 2.10 Patch…

But I doubt it had anything to do with giving Slim “auto-cast” and the other changes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nope. Only himself.

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Spreading damage against Slim never ever works- his healing gets to everyone at the same time very effectively. Slim’s one of the Medics where your only option is to hard burst one person down.

After slim refactor i can say that now it is extremely hard to kill him as Bob. A good slim will pop his adrenal in the right moment to avoid your skills. You can just hope to focus slim and try sneak pounce after tongue grab and rock wall or try to isolate support and kill him to have a easier time aginst slim. Your only tool to stop slim is the stunlock provided by tongue grab + fissure.

Given that his skill floor is now less than half as high, thus meaning it is much, much, much easier to play him correctly, it was to be expected that OP-Thread will pop up, since Slim was already OP long before this patch if you played him correctly.
In fact, he was so OP that his healing was nerfed by 17.5% and he is still OP.




Against wraith its also GG. Especially if Hank or Sunny gets thrown into the occasion, honestly I think only og goliath and to a tiny extent Miley (spider mimic combo) might be able to break through the healing. @Skemo knows what I’m talking about.

I can’t tell you how many times this medic goes from strongest in the game to weakest ever since he came out it shifts I always mained slim no matter what changes happen I do agree skill to play isn’t there anymore auto heal all you have to do is land 3 pellets and your at maximum efficiency right now on legacy he as weak as fuck like if I don’t dodge abbility cycles I will go down I get hit by one leap it takes like 2 full clips to get back to full ho

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Slim has a “slow” steady heal, without anything to burst on top of it, like PaPa, Val, Caira or Emet(when paired with Bucket).

The way to beat him is literally having a stand off of your damage vs his healing.

First off, -NO- medic in the entire game can outheal a monster’s fully focussed damage. If you can’t outdamage Slim’s heals, as harsh as it sounds, that’s all because of you using your abilities too slow, missing them, switching targets too much, focussing the wrong targets, take a pick.

TL;DR: if you think Slim is OP after an almost 20% nerf to his heal output, you have yourself a case of “git gud”.

All it takes is a single ability miss, or roaching along the walls to allow a slim to heal a team back up to full.


You are the one allowing them to roach. Push them out with skills and you won’t have that problem.

One missed ability and he heals everyone back to full? Yeah no. Maybe if you wait six weeks before using your next ability this would be true, but one missed ability does not allow a full HP reset.

Source: I’ve been playing Slim since before he got buffed in stage 2, and nonstop after he got nerfed this week. Even high competitive teams agree he is either fine or a little too slow at healing at the moment.

I see a lot of mention of Behemoth v Slim

I figured Behemoth v Slim was like Goliath v Sunny or Jack

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