Update 2.11 Discussion Thread!

Hunters cost less than 10,000 keys. They will also be doing special events and key bonus weekends so you can save up for characters. Plus you have the free rotation to boost access to characters.


Coop Updates
Various improvements to current Monster AI
New AI Monsters:
Gorgon has been added into the Coop vs AI queue
Meteor Goliath has been added into the Coop vs AI queue

I have been trying to play a match in Co Op vs AI for almost a week but i was unable to find a full squad even once. I hope this will bring in more players this week.

they cost ~20,000 keys go the the game and check they are not less than 10,000

Hey folks, part of this Beta is figuring out what works well for the economy. That means we do end up doing things like adjusting prices, adjusting the earn rate of Silver Keys, and seeing how those things play out. There were adjustments to how much you get for a win or a loss, and as others have mentioned, we do things like bonus weekends, the challenges, the periodic, and the punch card. It won’t take too long to unlock things, just a bit longer :slight_smile: I know longer always feel worse at first, but give it time!


i’m getting 200 for daily win and another 200 for daily sign in i’m not getting 1000 duno why then

Quick important question: Is the Dr perks interaction with Behemoth s own DR works properly now ? I heard it didn t work properly

Huh I just logged into evolve and got some pop up about my founders rewards is this new?

I’m getting 200 for daily wins then there are the periodic challenges that can give you 50 to like 300? and for logging in today I got 1250 silver keys.

The highest value takes priority, they don’t stack. As far as I know there haven’t been any issues with DR perks and Living Fortress

I can wait until I die for a Glitter Emet and Behemoth skin:


Since I owed you a picture of a Glitter Behemoth skin from a previous thread.

Lets make this happen? Lets make Glitter skins a thing?


this “just a bit longer” is seriously looooong, when i’m getting in a day with all my games ~1000 keys so i can get 1 hunter in a month(~21 days) BUT if you just testing this, i’m fine with this just test it quick :slight_smile:

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There’s something we did to fix another issue that’s triggering the video/popup again for people.


Yes… Yeeeeesssss…

This is a welcome change in my opinion~


If you’re having issues, feel free to add me. When I start lagging (bad internet, live with parents) I tend to play Co Op v AI so I can still get some key income/level some characters.

OFC that’s if you want to.


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Is there any timetable when micro transactions will be introduced to Stage 2?

In the future, will you inform players before making such drastic price changes? When you reduce the value of keys by 75% overnight without warning, you’re asking for backlash. Yesterday, i could have unlocked all remaining characters… today, I could unlock maybe 4. In a world where we’re encouraged to save our money, it’s hard not to feel that i’ve been punished for not spending more carelessly.

Obviously, i understand the reasoning behind the change, and agree with it in. You were too generous with keys. I just feel a drastic change such as this deserves a heads up.




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I don’t remember getting it originally but I am rather forgetful.

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For what it’s worth I have felt that given the series of events, the change to how much you earn regularly, plus the monthly punch card means that until this update it was far too easy to get keys compared to the cost of things, so I think this is the right decision.


I’m curious now, how come you hadn’t decided to buy all the characters before anyway? Since you had more than enough SK on hand?

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  1. I like to work on a few characters at a time, levelling them up
  2. Waiting to see what characters are in the monthly Punch cards
  3. Waiting for buffs/nerfs on characters (I don’t like playing the OP character of the week)