Update 2.11 Discussion Thread!

Not to mention the destoryed buoy sound when Emet tosses another buoy out when he already has 3 up.

“ofc I know I’m replacing a buoy”

It’s supposedly reported(as in TRS knows and is working on it), but I’ve hearn nothing of it since nearly 2 months ago:

Unless it’s already fixed…

Edit: It’s not fixed

Re-Edit: I know TRS can forget a few things, have certain priorities, etc, I know this is nothing big between @Terepin and me bringing back Sound problems that were never fixed, but is the ‘Sound Wizards’ really that busy working on other stuff?

I have no problem if they are, but a little side note would be appreciated instead of being left4dark about whether or not it’s fixed, being fixed, on the list of to-do, or that TRS has forgotten.

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@10shredder00 is probably jumping up and down with the Sim rework.


Paladin Parnell

Mutagen Shotgun

Cooldown reduction per pellet increased to .9 seconds from .45 seconds
Max cooldown per shot set to 3.6 seconds

Can anyone explain this? Is this a nerf or buff?

Over all good balance changes not sure about the drop ship timer changes were needed though, 2 min + Waiting already felt long time to wait and game would in most cases end before the dropship timer ends.
Waiting to see R.Val, W.Maggie and T.Hank get some more love
No one literally picks them up except for those who play for character appearance over performance :slight_smile:

Rabe’s poison dosn’t stop armour OUTSIDE the dome now :confused:

inside* the dome.

It only doesn’t stop it outside if the Monster stops to eat something.

Why the hell did you remove 2x XP? It was meant to be permanent. 100 games for max level character is far too much. It gets so boring. Since it was 50 I got back into the game, but when I did 100 for kelder it would just left me bored and I ended up playing another game. It actually put progression into the game…

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Continuing the discussion from Update 2.11 - Balance, Slim Refactor and Economy Updates - LIVE NOW!:

What does max cooldown per shoot mean? Each my shoot reduces cooldown for heal burst to 6 secs?

yes if you land all of the pellets. If you land all the pellets it would recharge more than 6 seconds but now it wont because of the 6 second cap. So it all depends how many pellets you land, if you land the max, minus 6 seconds off healburst.

I do want to say thanks to UI depart. for making the Badge select screen MUCH bigger. With the new badges, you can actually see what they are now. I’ll make a new thread about it too.

Edit: here is the thread:


Characters 4x cost increase and 2x increase for most skins (if I remember the prices correctly) is ridiculous. Of course daily/profile rewards are still the same, so good luck to any new person trying to buy anything. The farmfest begins? Even though I have almost everything I’d like - I despise such drastic changes to any game’s economy. In my opinion you should have thought about this before launching 10x event for 4 days. That’s why I’ll just uninstall. Good luck though!

Basically think of it like we halved the amount of pellets that need to land in order to get a full timer charge on his healburst. So basically instead of needing to hit 6 you just need to land 3 now.

We’ve added quite a number of ways to gain Silver Keys since launch and we have not evaluated prices since day 1. Looking at the amount of options and how much you can earn simply by just signing in every day we had to look at our Silver Key pricing again.

Plus to go along with this change we’ve also increased the round earn on Silver Keys. Changes below:

  • Wins went from 30 to 40
  • Losses went from 10 to 20
  • In game objective were doubled (Stuff for performing class actions etc)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand down comes the skill floor. Good!
I hope now everybody realizes how OP Sim is.
Personally I love the max cooldown per shot. If you would decrease that to 2, it would basically be this:

Hence why I think ANY nerfs that are nessesary to Slim in the future should be to this value. (Btw any buffs - as if he needs buffs - should be to the healburst values. 165 is not really much “burst” compared to the others.)

About the MAG:
First off it’s really hard not to switch to the “spores” during the reload of the leech gun. It is also really hard not to spam my healburst button.
One thing I really want MAG to do is this: Running backwards at full speed. Take away the Jump Height, half the health regen, but please let me run backwards at full speed with Slim!
I also think, though this is just an opinion, that Paladin Parnells damage reduction should change places with Slims health regen. Slim is the combat medic, so I think DR fits him way better than an ability designed to run away and regenerate health. While health regen fit the “redesigned Super Soldier” better as it previously did damage.

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Anyone know what was changed with Weather Control? I saw the WarDoom pillar at the Distillery relay was altered but I can’t find any changes on Weather Control.

I’m happy because no more Hank Nerfs


Slim’s got better self-heal now. His heal burst is still on the strong side imo, but he’s viable with Cabot/Kala comps now. So there’s that.

they are fucking kidding me i’m getting 140 keys any game and hunters cost ~20000 keys for fuck sake now i must earn like a 2 months for just only 1 hunter thanks TRS


Yay! More Hunter buffs and more monster nerfs! Wooo im so happy that pubs suck so bad that now high level monster play is impossible! Woo!


Although I’m of the opinion that you’ve been too generous with giving out Silver Keys and as such have no problem with you raising the prices for things, you’ve dropped a massive change without any warning.
Not all players spend their keys the instant they have enough to make a purchase. I’m sat on over 90k, and I’ve still got like half the characters to unlock. Had I been told in advance about this pricing change, obviously I’d have gone on a shopping spree.
It’s hard not to feel a little cheated when your keys are suddenly only worth 25% they were yesterday and you weren’t warned about it.

TL:DR - If you’re going to make a big change to the economy, (and it’s a beta so I’ve got no issue with that) inform your players beforehand!


You also get like a thousand keys a day just for logging in and if you do any of the challenges you can get double the keys you would have from that one match.