Update 2.11 Discussion Thread!

Thats the point though.

If monster has that many strikes on u and u depending on the dropship constantly he is winning and as such should win.

At that point its just feeding time out cheese BS, which we can see with the EMET fix they wish to discourage IMO.

Remember the dropship timer cant get that high unless the monster gets lots of strikes and doesnt die doing so.

Monsters only channel armor in dome?

U cant channel armor out of combat anyways.

But not sure about in combat but not in dome?

What are you doing down here??Someone plz get this guy to the top!!! :ok_hand:

Hunter for 21K? Am I supposed to play 50 games for each hunter for unlocking them are you kidding me? I have played for weeks straight and I have 30K coins and I can’t buy more than 1 single 21k hunter this is joke

Exactly this.
I have 70k and didn’t want to spend it, wanted to see what will come out wasn’t sure what do I want to play other than the hunters I have unlocked. Now this “stash” is worth 4x less then it would have been if I just spent it on new hunters the moment I got it without thinking… Feels kinda stupid even though it’s an e-currency because it’s an equivalent of your ingame grind. Why didn’t you also multiply the keys that all the players had by some factor? Because that’s what they were worth at that time…

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Quick question:

Has somebody found the changes on Weather Control yet? I think they aren’t in this patch. Maybe in the next?
On Distillery all places where you could run around near the relay have been changed so that running around is not an (easy) option anymore.

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youp there is so much pillars in Distillery and on WC smaller pillars i think

I’m a bit of a noob @ forums so I don’t know how to quote the piece, but why is Behemoth getting a buff?

Of all the monsters I play against he seems to be the most overpowered right now; he has a ton of health, takes less damage for taking damage, and takes less damage during traversals. On top of that, he has the most armor of any monster and seems to channel it back rather quickly.

Am I missing something here? I know monsters generally lose in higher tiers, but Behemoth feels like an invincible, although lethargic, juggernaut that can take out a whole team with a decent Magma Toss.

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Of the things you guys want to surprise us with, changes to the economy is the least favorite. Refactor, rework, new skins, new characters, adaptations, maps, variants i understand. Those are all really cool.

Economy changes that are surprises, those tend to garner more salt than anything.

Just adding my voice to the crowd. (:

He gets kind of wrecked at high level play. Not a huge surprise considering how much damage good hunters can put out and he’s generally a target you can’t miss. As others stated on the forum before, in many ways Goliath feels more “tanky” due to his ability to at least partially dodge some damage while maintaining respectable health and armor pools.

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@Insane_521 @LordDeath @GentlemanSquirl IDK why, but I tag you guys when I have a balance question.

Why the nerf to the claw perks? Why is Grounder’s DOT so low? Why is Sunny still OP broken?

For the claws, I would’ve done this:
Mutated Claw: 10/15/20
Evolved Claw: 20/25/30
They didn’t need the last two nerfs they got.

For Grounder’s DOT, I would’ve done 10.5/12.5/15.5. Also what is the jump height reduction? Is it 30% or 70%?


No, just NO! They’ll be insects soon! Behemoth maybe, even I can’t loose with him!

Exactly? Poor monsters can’t have anything!!!


Props to the UI team!
I think it’s much easier to navigate and I like being able to see the badges I don’t have unlocked yet.

My only suggestion would be to be able to click on each badge to view how to unlock it. Add this so I don’t feel I need to make my own guide lol


I got it yesterday, again but 30000 extra Keys didn’t add to my money haul :wink:

This is exactly what slim needed! more hunters need new mechanics like these because if turtle rock studios are planning on adding new characters its only as matter of time before they start getting too similar to each other! keep up the good work guys :smile:

Are people seriously complaining about in-game currency in a F2P game? They’ve been practically vomiting keys for the past months. I have most hunters, I’m only missing one or two in each class, and it hasn’t been really hard or “grindy” at all. In fact, I really welcome this change. I felt bad for the devs since people were unlocking everything so fast that they would have nothing to make money off once the game went out of beta.

They’re letting you play a freaking amazing game for free and you complain about your hard earned virtual money? Let me offer a little example. Hearthstone gives you 10 gold for 3 wins. You’d need to rack up 30 wins (300 minutes or so, five hours considering you win EVERY match) to earn 100 gold (which is what card packs are worth) to buy a pack that includes 5 cards. Five. Most of which you’ll most likely already have.

Sure, you can do the daily challeges, but they are worth like 60 gold at most (there are 80 and 100 gold challenges but they are rarer) and most of them require you to win your matches with classes you don’t even play. So you can buy one or two packs at most every day. Nobody’s complaining about that, right? Now you’ll only have to play for a week before unlocking a new character instead of two days. If you only earn 1k keys per day you’re doing it wrong. I get about 5k after playing for one or two hours.


Great patch guys!


Just looked at all the new prices…holy **** I’m never going to be able to afford anything as one of the new F2P Evolve Stage 2 kids…

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I feel, and I see it a lot in the comments, that we are missing the usual “dev insight” you guys always provide when you give us an update.

I’m not sure whether this was intentional, because I know everyone is hard at work. It’s just something I think a lot of us would appreciate and understand more the changes that have happened with the last update.

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I didn’t even notice the changes to armor channeling. That makes me pretty happy since I always thought DoT preventing channeling was a little silly. :slight_smile: