Update 2.11 Discussion Thread!

I agree with you, but on the other hand, I don’t see a reason for not spending your keys as soon as you have enough to buy something. It’s not like we’re having sales of any kind. I read your post about your reasons, but you could’ve just bought those characters and you could’ve not used them.

I’m torn though… I do agree with what you’re saying, but it could’ve been avoided.

Did you see my questions on this thread Cory?

this is gonna hurt in chase :frowning:

You’re right, it could have been avoided… I could have been informed. Whether there’s a reason to hold onto keys or not (and i’ve established that there are) , some players do like to keep some keys in reserve.

Does that make me at fault? The game encourages you to save keys. Want some free perks? level up your characters. Want some free characters? log in each day. Hey we’ve got some new characters coming, make sure you’ve got some keys ready to buy them.

That’s a bug, it’s made a reappearance it seems.

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No new Monster skins for me… Am sad panda.


Tha Phoenix skin tho…

Best medic skins


225000 keys, still nothing to spend them on.

Totally have been worth my purchase ever since I bought them from Legacy.

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So…where is Obsidian Behemoth?

Nope. Nighthunter is best skin for everyone.

1st off they said slim was op and to toxic so they decide to buff him up more hmmmmm. 2nd how do you unlock the meteor goliath, elder kraken, & behemoth badges. By Behemoth badge i mean the new rolling animated badge.

Regarding badges

As for Slim, I don’t see how exactly he has been “buffed”, if anything the changes made him more balanced.

His self-heal and and heal other have been reduced but instead has gained a lower skill level leech gun with a new ability called mutated adrenal gland which only affects himself for better survivibility.

Also his healburst now casts automatically so no longer need for spamming that healburst button.

Can someone share some slim gameplay would love to see his new ability in action.

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I really like the new patch. The grounder nerf was really needed and i also welcome the claw nerfs (looking at the MG poison claw meele build here).

There is still the bug where you scan as a trapper and don’t get any outlines of creatures/wildlife nor monsters.
Any ETA on a fix?
(Bug is match related and appears randomly on any map, against any monster.)

I haven’t gotten a chance to pop back on, but I’m glad to see some of the Bob changes since he has a rough time(Still I get the gaps in the wall though :frowning: I will learn to live and learn to place better).
I’m curious to see how the Slim changes play out against monster since I hardly ever get the chance to play due to people leaving because they didn’t get their role and being a Random Role making me monster nearly constantly.
I’m kind of happy for the economy changes. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve owned everything in the old store, but still it increases the value of someone’s purchases I think and makes certain things an incentive to get. Often I just passed up challenges because I’d rather rip through a game than hunt for keys.
I am disappointed we have yet to receive actual new monster skins. It’s been quite a while and with Bob’s second debut, it would be nice to see him get a little something new since he hasn’t had anything since the Moonstone release in Legacy(I think that was the last one). Let alone Gorgon have hardly anything.
Ultimately, I’m happy to see there hasn’t been the need for too many changes in the balance outside of some map consisting to even things out. I’m hoping that means we’ve been on a good path and we can start seeing more of the old content such as the maps returning and possibly more focus on new additions to the roster of Hunters and Monsters for future releases.

OMG, one of the best statements ever. I’ll remember it for life, just like this diamond:

I’ve read it somewhere on the Internet long time ago…

Question: How many keys do the skins cost now? Same price?

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Gold skins aside, they’re generally 7200 for monsters with a couple of 10800s. Hunter skins vary from 3600 to 10800, weapon skins from 1800 to 5400.

7k keys for just one skin? That is way too much. I could’ve bought a new Monster (before this patch) with 7k keys! It should be 3k keys for a Monster skin, 2k for a Hunter body skin, and around 750 keys for a weapon skin.

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