Update 2.07 - Pushed to a Wednesday release!


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give a heads up since we normally drop stuff on Tuesday, but we’ve shifted the date to Wednesday. We had a few things we wanted to make sure were 100% before shipping the build live but everything is on course for a Wednesday launch!


When does deepest dark come?


Will we get a teaser on Tuesday though?


Can we have the notes today please?


###Every time an update is delayed and no patch notes or details or reveals are going to be given out on the original date.


I’m curious on why they now wait until the day before the update to release the patch notes. Why not release them earlier, and then update them if you have to.


Pretty please, devs. Release the patch notes today/tomorrow.
Or the hotsite?
Or teaser?

Also, i’m okay with delaying the patch.
I’d rather way a few days to get a patch with less bugs, more tested, etc than a rushed patch just to meet the planned date.
I trust in TRS :heart:


:cry: Nuuuu


Coool,thank you for heads up.
Do we get something to read in meantime? ;^)


Looks like Gorgon Skin (Purple People Eater) as well as map variant. Probably going to be Wraith Trap map variant giving it a webby spider look to go with the Gorgon Skin.
Hope patch notes come out tomorrow though.


Where them patch notes at.


Has there been any word on when the skins from the Cataclysm event will drop?


Gee whiz, a little tease, please!
My mind’s at unease, I got so many keys
For content I need to seize, so I’m on my knees
Please release just a tiny little tease!




Pls tell us the patch notes PLSSSSSSSSSSS


I believe they said they will be coming with this patch :slight_smile:


Cheers, good to know. I need silver fox Hyde in my life.


patch should be today but ok it’s tommorow then give me new adaptation trailer


Found an error!!!