Update 2.07 - Discussion Thread!


Go on and discuss some things!

LIVE NOW - Update 2.07 and The Deepest Dark (Beta)


Sickkkkkkk bro.


coop only? -_-


I’m so hyped to try out Deepest Dark in co-op. I’ve been waiting for this one!


Saw the trailer. Well shit, I’m scared TRS…


No further Torvald tweaks?

I…I’m so sad.


That scream :heart_eyes:

I really wanted to be The Gorgon Queen :confused:


I don’t look at specific numbers much, but did you change the ordering in the notes?

It used to be to X from Y

Now it’s from Y to X


No further Torvald tweaks is kind of disappointed


So, I’ve seen a lot of people complain that the threshold numbers are way too high, and you’re increasing that? Have I missed something here?


I genuinely don’t understand why this keeps happening :(. Can there be some kind of modifier per class that means if I’m standing as Electro Griff maybe 20m from a monster eating a Sloth buff, that I have some hope of actually stopping it from doing so? Right now I’ve given up even trying to shoot monsters off of food unless I’m playing assault or support.

Electro Griff is my main played character of Stage 2, with Griffin just behind. I’d say that while the reload change is fine, I’d actually nerf the range of The Final Lockdown a little bit more. IMO Electro Griff is still a little too good on the chase when using conventional perks and I think the range is at play here.




But grounder is still in the game?
Yeah, ok.


Good to see.

And finally Rabe’s Defense Matrix is actually 10% less powerful than those of his counterparts. Weren’t you going to fix his grenade damage as well?

Would certainly have liked to see more love for the Wraith, though.


Hank got nerfed…? And monsters got buffed in the Overpowered map…? No hunters got buffed…?


At least I can splurge on some sick Victory skins. Thanks for those devs :innocent:


hi dear dev
i have some suggestion for you hope dev can improve that :smile:

  1. some weapons sound too weak and weightless like Markov’s Assault Rifle
    when you fire them the recoil and the sfx arent nearly as hefty as they could be.

2.2.hope dev can make more Physically effects and Post Effects , because when i shoot creeps , it doesn’t change on their skin.



I’m a little sad that that Bob wasn’t released this patch, but I think the co-op experience will finally give me a reason to try hunter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Overall, great work TRS :+1:t2:


Grounder was nerfed for two updates in a row and we’ve been watching it ever since. I think it’s in a much better place and has gone down in overall pick rates since we nerfed the perk set.

I’ll ask @LordDeath


We’re starting to get him in the rotation for balance testing now. After we wrap up Paladin Parnell we’ll start up Bob.

If everything goes well and we don’t think he needs any further features or fixes he should be out in September.