Update 2.06 Discussion Thread




Introducing: Renegade Abe and Overpowered - Update 2.06 - LIVE NOW!
Renegade Abe
Map var are horrible


inb4 OP is OP


Something Something Waggie


To those in the various Renegade Abe topics…

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


“Acid pools no longer destroy Deployables
Dev Insight: Playing a deployable reliant character against Gorgon felt like a constant uphill battle. We wanted to bring back the value Acid Spit brings to Gorgon and this will allow more Hunter diversity.”

Er, what value was brought back to Acid Spit beyond nerfing it. Did I miss something?


I really did not think TRS would do cross class adaptations.
So parnell is now a medic confirmed I guess?
That means you could have 2 Abes and a parnell.


Talk about mixing things up and keeping it fresh :wink:

I also enjoy the tie-in with Wasteland Maggie


This is the Fall of Shear. Only a handful of hunters remain to stop the spread of monsters across the galaxy. Abraham Presley is one of the last of the original twelve planet tamers who came to this world, unaware of the secret hidden here.

Sworn to seek vengeance for the deaths of those he cared about, Abe is no longer the charismatic smuggler, the scrounger. He’s now a hard-bitten warrior of the wasteland. Leaving behind his trapper gear, he takes up the mantle of his fallen friends, and becomes an Assault Hunter.

As the monsters infect this world with their caustic chemistry, the air becomes toxic, unbreathable. It burns the lungs, stings the eyes. The heroes must now wear masks to breathe and see…and conceal their growing despair.


tfw you now vote skip Cataclysm and get Overpowered :cry:


Finall major Torvald Buff


Double yay :tada:

Ouch, it was already pretty hard for my little trapper to shoot a monster off of food or the relay :frowning:

I’m really happy about this. With cooldown reduction it felt horrible playing as Gorgon against an Emet/Bucket team, they just couldn’t do their basic function.


So Renegabe is a assault? Or still a trapper?


Eh I enjoy Overpowered a lot more, it’s quite a bit of fun.

I think we’re looking to separate these out into their own queue in the future, but for the time being their home is in the Hunt queue.


Don’t even know what to say… I’m lost for words.


He’s an assault


So, Renegade Abe is an Assault. And he looks like a cyberpunk, straight-outta-KillingFloor badass.


Wow, this is unexpected renegabe is actually an assault :open_mouth:, can’t wait to see two abes in a team


Well, that’s a first. Making a adaptation, but changing the class.


Hell yeah, and knowing that the voice actor for Abe’s been very active, I can’t wait to hear the dialogue between the two of 'em!


I don’t know about having two abes on the same team… As someone else said, (don’t remember where and who) this could cause confusion for new players. ‘I thought Abe was Trapper? Wat¿’ Or maybe Abe calling where the monster is, but which Abe. I’ll wait though.