Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

Let’s talk about this WOO!


Some good stuff in here. I am excited to get home and give it a test.

Wraith Peacock??? Cabot Nighthunter???

I think you mean Wraith Tropical :wink:



I’ve always hated those flamboyant skins…

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Im confused by the dropship timer starting on incap/automatic suicide with Lazarus.

if a hunter goes down in the beginning, the dropship timer will be only 10 seconds. This means that the incapped hunter will auto-suicide in 5 seconds. How is laz even able to prevent strikes like this?


More skins, yessss. I will collect all of the Nighthunter skins. They will be mine.

Overall Monster buffs, including some for Good Ol’ OG, Monster perk buffs, and nerfs for all the strongest hunters? Rogue Val, Sunny, and Griffin all definitely felt like they needed dialing back, and I’m actually really happy to see some Torvald and Laz buffs. I think Parnell might need a little further dialing back, but small changes are better than big ones imo.

I’m really digging these changes, especially the “win streak lost if leaving lobby”. Maybe that’ll deter people a little.

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Yeah, we recognize that’ll be a problem. You’ll notice in the notes that Laz got a little buff to account for this. We’ll watch him carefully!

That one was definitely necessary based on what we’ve been hearing and seeing!


aint dropship timer dynamic? … it kind of hurts laz play but not by much i thikn… most monsters will stay and finish of the incapped hunter before bailing out so i think its fair… need to see though i still feel laz play is still very hard may be a kala laz comp might work this time since he can heal while cloaked not wasting healburst nd revelaing himslef

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Have you guys talked about giving benefits to those who don’t get their main role, as compensation? Like, an extra 10% character experience or something small like that?


no i think peacock wraith have blue head

Yeah, this is something we’re discussing and considering!


tahts exploitable :stuck_out_tongue: put a premade group of 4 with same preferences 3 of them get extra xp :stuck_out_tongue: only counter is delay matchmaking in favour of preference … if player base is low then delay would be significant … now we have 20K so i think its viable if all of us play in same region…

Hadn’t considered that. Maybe it only applies to solo players?

Okay, I’m pretty happy I don’t need to be yelling, “KILL YOURSELF!” anymore LOL
@TomsMeatPlatter am I, right?


TBH if I get placed as monster my win streak was over anyway, so no real change for me. Still leaving if I get stuck on monster more than once or twice in a row. Will help with people artificially inflating their win streaks though.

I like the idle change, the elite wildlife indicators, and the DR buff at game start. Balance changes seem solid too. Overall I’m pretty excited to play a few more games, looks like hunters will actually have to start trying again!

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So the first down VS Lazarus is a guaranteed strike now, seeing the drop ship timer starts out on 10 seconds and you die automatically within 5 seconds?

Very odd change.


Does this mean I can use Kraken’s snowballs with the evolve claw perk? O.O


I think its… sencored. The ‘buffs’ no way make up for a guarenteed strike or two on the first some fight.

no point punishing the monster for hanging around an incapped body when the incapped body is forced to kill himself in 5-15 seconds. No matter how much you shield and heal him.

I like the change, just disable it if Lazarus is the medic. Problem solved