Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

get a perk for reading comprehension, thx

Monster, eat. 4 abilities and a mouse button. you can have a fight and have fun.
Hunters… not so much, they will die a horrible death if they don´t know the basics of dodging and keeping themselves alive. you might shoot 2 times. then get frustrated by screenshakes and the fact that you are lying on your back.
way harder to learn. but thats ok, i don´t like arguing with people that do not read at all anyway.

If a feature has no positive effect, remove it. Don’t overcomplicate things.

So, those were the final words now. :smiley:

There’s no need for this rude shit man, especially when so far as I can tell you’re the one not making your point clearly enough.

you know. it´s easier to test something like this with a perk, than actually nerfing jetpacks for everyone. So now we know the consequences.

k man, whatever you say-

The grounder perk is such a bad decision from TRS, you can’t dodge abilities anymore and it takes away the whole fighting mechanics of the game. Now the only efficient counter to it is to take perks that make you the most tanky character and prey to survive long enough for your team to dish out enough damage, and make the trade worth it.

They are once again lowering the skill ceiling for either sides. I wonder how they are planning to balance a ton of perk combinations+hunter comps. Blind picks are a big issues aswell since its just roll the dice. The biggest joke is keeping buffs in competitive, it feels so ridiculous for “high lvl players” to go for marioparty buffs games. It really feels casual and the cheapest thing ever implemented in this game.

There is still bugs and glitches that are still in the game for more than 1 year. I’m sad that when they do 1 step forward its always 10 steps backwards at the same time. Bad decisions, over and over, adding stuff to other unbalanced stuff and let players test it. We aren’t testers ffs. If it is engine-related issues that can’t be fixed at all then let us know.

I honestly don’t bother paying more to see all these game breaking bugs fixed. Pls do something smart… and stop changing stuff that is working.

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Yeah… See Remove Grounder perk

Yeah, it’s not a good idea to skip the QA part of the software development and let the users figure it out.
One could argue that the unbalanced things or unfortunate mechanics are only in Evolve for a week and then they will be fixed. But there will be other untested things in the next patch. So some thing is broken the entire time…

Don’t add untested stuff, the players suffer from it. You can always add a test region on which crazy ideas are implemented, but don’t roll them out to the public until you figured them out. It will screw us over every week. I’m seriously thinking about taking a break from Evolve until next Tuesday or Grounder-Hotfix, whichever comes first.

See Patch Overflow

i know you do not want to argue with me but:


the more you know… It´s actually common practice to outsource the testing to a broader spectrum of users who are in most cases quite eager to help.

Thanks for the links mate, I’ll take a look

The one thing I don’t get about grounder is why it also does damage. It seems like it should just be a jetpack focused alternative to Paralysing Attack. I used to roll with Mutated Claw as MG so I could keep on the dots while the enemy was escaping - but now there’s a perk that let’s me swap 35% of my dot damage for a 35% reduction in the enemy’s ability to escape? I used to have to choose between Paralysing Attack or Mutated Claw in the top tier slot, whereas now there’s a perk that’s the best of both. So I don’t know if it’s balanced in gameplay - haven’t played against it enough to say - but it doesn’t seem balanced in relation to those two other perks.

26 dots + 35% jetboost reduction > 40 dots, because you’re 35% more likely to hit them again and keep the chain going.

Every publisher use BETA term to justify their lack of testing/debugging. They all are like “ey its just a beta so its normal that every single aspect of the game is fucked up, release will be good don’t worry boyz”. And then release date comes, what a surprise the game is still the same bugfest if not even more broken. I experienced this with A LOT of games in the past 5 years. This game is in dev state since big alpha and we had new game breaking bugs in every single patches since then. What a shame

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cant argue with that, but saying that they should fix their bugs before releasing the next beta patch is kind of not what you can do.

Please, please, learn what a true Beta period is and why that’s exactly what this period if for.

My problem with Grounder is that it is basically a reintroduction of the stun lock problem. You’re fine if you’re good enough to dodge the melees (assuming you have realised that they’re taking Grounder and so that you need to now dodge melees as well as the priority abilities), but if you’re not you’ll get dragged in to a combo chain hell. Combo chains made Evolve less fun, and so I wouldn’t want to see a perk get in to that situation where a player feels they cannot do anything once they’ve been hit that first time.


Labeling your software “BETA” doesn’t get you to fire your QA department. You should still test the stuff you are releasing. Release cycles in betas are usually much longer than a week.
And yeah, I’m a software developer, too. :wink:

Besides that, yeah it is labeled “BETA”, but is any legacy Evolve player really thinking “Yeah, Evolve Stage 2 is out but it’s still in beta so I will wait until the actual release!”? Everyone is back now and experiences the Evolve Stage 2 as it is now.

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Yes, but with the beta label you are told, explicitly, the experience is part testbed. I don’t get this attitude that says you can disregard that a developer is telling you there’ll be bugs and issues as if there shouldn’t be.

Things pass through the net, as a software developer you should know this.

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All understandable. I am not saying there should be no bugs. All I am saying is that it seems that QA has only a single day to test anything. And for a complicated game like Evolve that does not cut it.
I’m feeling they are touching too many things at the same time and are rushing certain things. Maybe stuffing less things in the weekly patches or do bi-weekly patches would be a good idea.

I know what it is dude, but the final result is always the same mess. I’m just tired of buying unfinished products that are advertised as finished (well its f2p now so whatev). I bet the game will still be broken even after beta ends, like every other games do. Thats the problem.

then… don´t buy it. If noone would by faulty software, there would be no faulty software. But in a decade where everything gets preordered, you get what you paid for.

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A week is a comparatively long time for this game, too. Considering in the past seven days, the minimum amount of people online at any time has dropped by 5K.