Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

course they are, when the medic can just pop back in right away and heal everyone regardless.

Get one down they die after 5 seconds you have another 5 seconds to down the medic and then book it when the dome drops. Then you evolve. Then you come back and get downs on the already weakened hunters.

Laz has piss poor healing. If he’s out healing you then you need to land more than one out of every 5 skills.

This sums up my experience with your leaver penalty. Notice the amount of people in the lobby.


laz isnt the only medic nor the only one downed who can insta pop.

im not understanding the importance of win streaks if it’s not in Ranked play.
Instead of fixing the crappy lobby system they’ve made it worse.

Legacy lobbies worked, why take a step back TRS?

You do realize that the conversation you joined was about laz right? I mean I mentioned his name twice in that post

Agreed with this.

Of course the monster players need the new perk, take Wraith Trap for example, the Huge Pillar near the relay is a toxic place to fight as monsters, without this new perk, the monsters can easily be kite and damaged severely.

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Would be a whole lot better because it doesn’t interfere with how your character reacts to your inputs.

Personally though, I would make it a rule to not introduce “perks” that mess with other players’ numbers. This problem is amplified because perks are blind-picked and never revealed.

First, there should be NO perk that monsters absolutely need.
Second, you cannot fix bullshit with bullshit.
Third, don’t counter ONE exploitable area by introducing a mechanic that affects everyone eveywhere every time.
Fourth, it is a blind “counter”.

Fix the pillar. Done.


My bad, I have no way of knowing that the cooldown starts after its placed not after destroyed, it’s not on console after all.

Patch overflow

Personally, I feel like the weekly patches are too often.

You aren’t giving anyone time to adapt to the changes. So all the conclusions you are drawing are very premature.
Secondly, it seems you haven’t given enough thought and/or QA testing to some changes (auto-dropship screwing Laz, taking away idling, …).

The old patch cycle of several months was too slow but this is the other extreme. You can fix bugs and introduce new features weekly. But balancing needs time.

If you had those balance changes planned for a long time that’s okay. But from now on you should give the Evolve players time to adapt.
IMO Overwatch has a very healthy patch cycle.


Yeah, this perk was more than likely introduced to deal with kiting. I dunno know why they’re constantly trying to get rid of it or leave it as a very minimalistic tatic what’re we supposed to do about certain abilities, stand there and take it? If they want to get rid of the “cheesiest” of places than change or remove those, don’t add in something that has beyond bullshit uses.

I have to say, while the balance might be in the right direction, I’m rather disappointed at some of the new features added.

Why was this feature even introduced? I get that new players don’t understand how to use the dropship timer and get Stage 1 wiped, and there are those that miss the respawn countdown, but this is a direct contradiction with Lazarus. Its not even a buff or nerf to anyone as others have mentioned. Its a pure design conflict that automatically confers a strike for no apparent reason in situations when a Lazarus could have easily prevented it. I really don’t get this at all, nor the response by snowkissed that getting a buff would make up for this, when its not even about balance in the first place.

Just noticed this preventive feature had a slight change, thank god, not that I care about win streaks though. But I am still completely perplexed as to the thought process behind the original feature in the first place. If the intention is to discourage leaving to protect their winstreak, then it created an even bigger problem of legit players dropping their streak because they left a lobby where someone who once again, didn’t get what they want, left and got replaced by a bot.

This also sidetracks the main problem of queue dodging and leaving that has been causing a lot of dissatisfaction yet a penalty system is still taking a backseat to this severe issue.

What the hell? I’m play both Monster and Hunters equally and I can say this will completely destroy hunters.

Ranged attacks already had an inherent massive advantage over melee attacks. Thats also a main reason why in other games, they keep a distinction between on what on-hit effects can work and what they can’t. The new grounder perk and changes to snowball functionality just propelled Kraken to the regions of OP valley


The auto suicide might not be but the drop ship timer starting on incap is definitely a buff.


Well can’t we just let Laz get used to the new Dropship changes before we go nuts over here…

Change apparently didn’t go through, it’s still 10 seconds.

I just watched a few games of Insane, Puggims, Fresh, Glitchfull, Dylan and Wardoom:

In the first three games the hunters were hit by every ability the monster casted and got incapped in seconds but the monster still lost because the hunters just did more damage.
So that’s new Evolve now? Just don’t try to dodge anything because you can’t anyway with Grounder? Just have everyone shoot the monster the whole time? Where’s the fun in that?

My team is getting strikes about as fast against Wraith but we simply can’t do so much damage. We are gonna lose every game now. Not because we are bad at positioning or dodging, just because we aren’t as good in shooting…

As I said in another thread:

If the game is changing towards a damage exchange instead of a game of dodging / landing abilities I would not like development. :frowning:

By the way, @Insane_521 said that they are calling perks out in their testing. I think that’s a huge problem. The regular players are blind-picking everything in Evolve. So you can’t say “Yeah, he is picking Wraith with Grounder, I’m just gonna go jump height and JP efficiency”. The monster could also go Kraken with Grounder and you would be screwed. There is no counter picking because it’s blind picking, consider this in your balance testings, please.
This is one reason Perks should never secretly debuff numbers of other players. Evolve’s greatness isn’t measured by how many perks we have. Add new maps if you want to add new content.


uhm, its impossible to outdamage a goliath when he hits everything and you do not dodge.

ill check it out.

Goliath is kiteable. Wraith, Elder and Kraken not so much.

I have only seen the first games of the stream yet and it was only Elder and Wraith so far. :slight_smile: