Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

What do the auto-dropship changes bring in practice?

People don’t have to waste time because they were incapped while the dropship with other hunters arrived.

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That is some good feedback, but don’t forget that they have greatly accelerated the patch cycle for PC, which gives them more room to try things and quickly roll them back if they don’t work. They are serious when they say this is a Beta. They have also shown they are not afraid to make mistakes because they are prepared to fix them quickly, which is a welcome change to before, plus they want to get a solid build as quickly as they can so they can start rolling it out to consoles in the future so I would expect them to try some more unconventional ideas while the game is pc only Beta because this is the best time to do it.

Here is some feedback of my own @snowkissed :

  • I am really looking forward to most of these changes! You guys are doing good work, please keep it up, the game is improving in my opinion!

  • The respawn timer is going to be a real issue for Laz, I assume you already expect to have to come up with a better solution in the future.

  • Loss of victory streak is not the best punishment for leavers. What if they don’t have a streak? Then there is still no penalty, and if it is a hunter that leaves then the other hunters have to choose between playing a frustrating match that is likely to result in a loss anyway, or just end their own streak and find another match. I agree with @Wednesday13 that time is a better penalty, maybe even put in a Silver Key penalty for repeat offenders. A stacking time penalty that adds a Silver Key penalty after the 4th or 5th abandonment in a day would seem a good deterrent. The count could reset with the servers every night. Another option could be to give the monster player a prompt to choose to switch to a hunter character and fight a bot monster with the other players, or restart the lobby without a penalty. Starting a match with a bot hunter against a player controlled monster should be avoided. It is frustrating for the hunters, especially casuals. That is what I do when a hunter leaves the lobby and I am the monster, I just switch to hunter rather than pub stomp a team with a bot hunter handicap.

  • Getting rid of the take a break option all together is probably not the best solution either. At least allowing the option for 60 seconds would be a better solution for three reasons:

Life does interfere sometimes and it is good to be able to jump out and jump back in occasionally.

The other hunters aren’t penalized by having a stationary hunter for up to 60 seconds before a bot takes over.

It is useful to correct certain bugs when they occur, which otherwise would cost the match.


So dropship timers are effectively even shorter now?

These are all great suggestions, but again I’d add that TRS either need to make matchmaking continue searching until it provides a full lobby or not apply any penalties at all to people leaving a lobby with empty slots - because these suggestions are terrifying to me as an Australian because 4/5 lobbies I currently get matchmade into have at least 2 empty slots to begin with and oftentimes monsters aren’t as polite as you and will happily stomp a team with a bot hunter handicap.

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I do not give a fuck about my win streak, it doesn’t do anything but gloat to other players. I will never play Monster and will insta-leave regardless. If 2 of my team leave, I will leave too, I’m not playing with 2 bots.

This is just fucking stupid, If my allies can’t dodge or my support can’t shield and someone goes down. How in the world is Lazarus supposed to get there AND res in 5-10 seconds?! It takes 2 seconds just to use the fucking glove!

Why? Just why? I understand it’s to stop idle players, but what about if I need to answer a phone call or check a message by ALT+TAB? I can’t speak on the phone and play the game can I? So i’m forcing the team to play with bots for 2 mins, by that time everyone has died in the dome across the map!

This just looks outright OP, not only do they get the poison DoT melee attacks, but they get an even stronger versions of slow on hit that affect jetpacks?! What went through your heads when putting this through QA and balancing?

Do you listen to the community or even play the game yourself?! Nobody requested any of these or even thought about it! The game certainly didn’t need it, some of these changes were a CRUCIAL part of the game itself


Yeah this system should still be there, just not in ranked, as it was and should be.

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As a whole this patch is sloppy as hell.

####:warning: Do not read these if you find sarcasm and extreme annoyance towards the changes in this patch as offensive :warning:
####:warning: This post may appear as a rant. Kindly do not flag it since this is my constructive (albeit aggressive) opinion :warning:

Win Streak Shenanigans >Players now lose their win streak if they leave after getting into character select.

Right so now if a Hunter leaves at character select then screw the other guys right? Punish not only the guilty but the innocent. What logic is this? Rather than; I dunno; making the win streak be lost in the match or; you know; disabling the ability to even exit from character select and making separate win streaks for Monster and Hunter. Punish them all. Yep; because that’s how we do it now.

Where was the thought behind this? Was this just thrown into place when people kept complaining about leavers and this was their solution? This is just ridiculous. Not only is this such an insignificant punishment but it’s also punishing people who don’t deserve it.

Lazarus Shenanigans >Once the dropship timer hits 5 seconds, all incapped Hunters are automatically placed in the dropship to make sure all Hunters will make the drop.

Suicide to spawn on dropship has been removed, it is now automated.

So I’m glad that we haven’t left the mindset of “Screw Lazarus and all those that play him”.

First mistake was balancing him to near perfection and then nerfing him.
Second mistake was to keep. Nerfing. Him.

  • Strikes on death
  • Longer cast
  • Longer recharge
  • Shorter cloak
  • Less impactful weakspots
  • Faster decay time

Like seriously??? I’ve always had a saying for Lazarus because it is exactly how Lazarus is meant to be played. Lazarus was never meant to keep teammates from going down. Lazarus is meant to stop them from dying.

Lazarus is NOT a healer and has zero teamfight capability. What reason does he have to be in the dome when he can heal from the outside? You’ve given him no incentive to even BOTHER risking his own life. Incaps are laughably bad since any Monster can just burst them down and then burst them to death. What the hell is Lazarus supposed to do there?

If he can’t prevent strikes; which mind you, is the entire purpose of a medic; if he can’t do his ONLY job then what’s the point of picking him? You keep. Nerfing him. How many times does the entire community have to tell you that this medic is laughable before you’ll stop nerfing him and actually make him viable. I play him anyways because I enjoy it but then again what’s enjoyable about inevitably failing to do your one job?
The only time Lazarus can ever prevent a strike is if:

  • The Monster is bad.

That’s it. Otherwise Laz is doomed to fail every single match. He can ONLY rez someone if the Monster lets him rez someone. He’s like a child asking his parent’s permission before he can do it because ultimately if the Monster wants that strike; he’s getting that strike. End of story.

"Take a Break"/"Idle Kick" Shenanigans

Okay are you kidding me right now?

You’ve gotta be because this is a joke. This is funny. It really is. How on Shear could you think it is a good idea; if you could even call it that; to do this?

We found a lot of players were going idle during matchmaking games, so we decided to remove the Take a Break functionality to get rid of players abusing this mechanic.

Oh so you removed “Take a Break” because people were using it?!


I could never have guessed that someone would use this function! How amazing!

In seriousness though why. What was the point of this. Now if anyone has to:

  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Make food.
  • Not burn food.
  • Feed their animals.
  • Answer a phone.
  • Help their family.
  • Take out the trash.

Or ANY MINOR INCONVENIENCE they can’t. They have to hope that these errands can wait five, ten, fifteen minutes just to even do this. They can no longer have a bot take their place temporarily and then go do this because SOME people seem to be exploiting this. ON TOP OF THIS.

The timer has been reduced to 1 minute from 5 minutes to prevent players from idle farming Silver Keys

Do you understand how ridiculous this is? ***Rather than allowing a team to have a bot TEMPORARILY you would rather they have a bot the ENTIRE GAME because you don’t like that a very specific group of people join a match and then go “IDLE”***.

Do you even realize how bad your AI is? I had someone DC in the middle of the match and their bot; rather than staying at the relay with the rest of the team; the bot decided it was a better idea to follow the Wraith around a pillar until it had a scythe shoved up every opening in it’s body before it died.
That’s how bad your AI is. So rather than allowing people to go and do what they need to in a five minute time window you would rather to boot them from the match because some people found ways to exploit this.

#That’s. Absurd.


I hope it’s a typo in the patch notes, if not, WHY, really, WHY THE FUCK would you add something like this in the first place? They have like 100 people to brainstorm together and noone would think about a Laz? If they forgot about their own creations during a meeting or something similar, it would be just ridiculous and I would question myself why I supported them for so long


Clearly no one at TRS understands Laz and clearly the community isn’t being heard when we’re outright saying he’s already UP and this patch has essentially said “Fuck you” to any and all Lazarus players.

Anyone who reads these patches and has a decent understanding of the game and it’s mechanics then they would realize that this patch is something we need to hold them accountable for.

Seriously; I question their methods before. The update is fine but the whole Founder status b.s; now this?

Hate to say it but I agree here. This is absurd since they’re effectively destroying an already underpowered character.


They even stopped that, Shield Bursts and Heal Burst can’t go through domes!!! :laughing:

:frowning: Wraith Peacock…

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apparantly almost everyone want´s to play monster now :smiley:

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Anyone else unable to buy the new monster perks? They look amazing but I can’t use them :frowning:

Except you know…The Hacker medic…

Ask to get an other role. Press Esc and try to swap.

Am I the only one who’s really concerned about the Grounder Perk Monsters have? That really gimps the jetpack.


Still don’t get the Cabot nerf, but we will see.

It does yes, but the monster has been in a bit of a hampered state lately so it is nice they finally get something back

So did we really just get a cool down added to Sunny’s drone even though it has a charge up time of 8(?) seconds? Or does she not have that anymore? Also why nerf the burst if her normal shield is going to be without a doubt going to be less readily available? Some of these changes are like “I see why they did it” but couldn’t it have at least been 4 seconds?

Also why the loss of idle? Some of us actually have stuff to do outside of the game every once in a while and I always loved that feature in Evolve but sure people would leave it on idle on purpose and of course people would abuse it. But simply removing it and not trying to fix it is not the best solution here.