Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

I like everything about how this sounds. I need to have this in my life.

I just wanted to give feedback on the no monster in parties system. My group of friends was initially really sad about this not being available in the original game. The introduction in stage two was a primary reason we returned as we liked the option of playing all roles, and have a player who largely prefers monster. It’s unfortunate, but if it continues to stay in its current stay, it’ll probably cause us to stop playing again. Hoping for a revert, as we really enjoy the game.


@snowkissed Try to play wraith after nerfs and this patch of bullshit dropship timer… I havent seen any wraith win… neither i could win after this patch :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not play customs?

There really should be a toggle. For a lot of us, being suddenly forced into monster role when we were playing with 3 friends ended up with a lot of backing out of lobbies. It was nice to have the OPTION to do it, but with how matchmaking works, groups of friends were -forced- into monster role against their will.

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I was wondering if Parnell would ever see a character skin?
as i feel he is one of the most non-customizable character

Furthermore are you guys aware that if the wraith uses a custom skin and uses decoy, the decoy does not copy the players skin, i don’t know whether this is on purpose or a bug…

Thanks for reading and responding to the community,

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@CptBoomBoom customs should be the obvious alternative, but not everyone has a five man available all the time, and the bots aren’t fun to play against/with IMO.

Wait did this get added back in? I didn’t see that in the notes. That’s bad news. I also hope it gets reverted, as being able to party up and still play whatever role, monster included, is a key part of the game. Customs used to be a good alternative, but since doing customs now means basically no progression that’s a shitty solution to the ‘problem’ of wanting to play with a monster friend, since Stage 2 is built so heavily around progression systems.


I am disappointed that patch 2.03 did not remove all badge colours. I hope the next patch addresses this pressing issue of allowing players to customize their badges.

We don’t frequently have 5 players, the bots are not very fun to play with or against, and there’s no progression available. For what it’s worth, I entirely recognize the issue in regards to a ranked queue or something, but in a quick match it seems like the tradeoffs are worthy for the ability for friends to play.



I don’t know if it was intended, but the Elite Wildlife god rays are quite useful at tracking the other side. If you see the beam of light moving or disappearing suddenly, you are guaranteed that your opponents are there.

If we nerf the Krakens flying then like laz they become irrelivent trry using them on the ground. they are worthless there. they are fine leave them be i beat krakens plent with hyde.
Also side note id like to be able to get xp points on characters when hosting a solo custom match with freinds. I understand the 3 a day solo, but when hosting a match you and your freinds should get xp on your charactes at least. Ive heard go to hunt but if there are only 3 or 4 of us we dont want to have to wait in the lobby and also run the risk of running into hackers.

The soon to be rolled out coop queue will be for you!

like seriously ive been playing for a few days now. i honestly feel like the only way to win as monsters is if you are either pro, or the hunters are completely retarded. ive tried and tried and tried and ive gotten nowhere. i’ve watch youtube video’s for tips and used them, and still nothing. i cant stop to eat or evolve without being domed. the hunters are just to fast and do to much damage. why even give me armor if your going to give the enemy team the ability to strip it down in a matter of seconds. and then to top it all off. if the hunters FAIL TO HUNT ME DOWN AND KILL ME they win? can someone explain the fuckin stupidity of that please. in all honestly my personal suggestion is to slow the hunters down or take the dome completely out of the game. they have enough tools to succesesfully track me down and slow me down that they dont need it. i dont understand why they put the pressure on the monster to hunt the hunters down by the end of the game. it makes no sense to me. i’ve looked at eating/farming paths, it dont help because literally by the time i get to food, im about domed. and when i get away, i have just enough time to eat one time, before i get domed again. its fuckin rediculas the amount of advantages given to the hunters. its no fun. it doesnt create a sense of urgency, it creates desperation, on all levels. even when you reach lvl 3 you still arent a match for a team with a decent healer. if anyone thinks they have some new idea about something i should try, by all means. but im done trying to play monsters. why should i try if i stand NO CHANCE. I literally played a gamed yesterday, where the team refused to dome me the entire match, and still wooped my ass, i would think im geting away and might grab some armor , i would smell and boom they were right behind me again. idk if the maps are two small (because i do literally feel like im running in circles half the time) or if the hunters are too fast, or the monsters dont have enough defense against the 40 different ways they can completely destroy you in 5-10 seconds. but it needs to be fixed. im not going to be playing monster anymore, if there is one thing ive learned for League, its abuse the broken system. so until this game finds some balance, you’ll find me with the hunters. (btw, the whole reason i even liked the concept of the game was to play the monster. so if its not fixed real quick im moving on to a different game.)


The last balance patch has already nerfed the hunters a bit and improved the monsters. In fact, the next patch will see a massive boost to Goliath:

That said, playing monster is definitely hard and is something you improve over time.
I suggest therefore to play a lot in Training mode against bots to improve your gameplay (speaking out of own experience)

That said, the devs are also working on adding better tutorials and enhance accessibility for the game:

For example, the next patch will match players based on their skill rather than account level.

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Maybe you could just like, I don’t know, learn how to play monster first, instead of whining?

1st tip learn best feeding routes takes a lil time it dont happen over night i know it took me awhile, but the most important thing to learn is find the monster that best suites your play style then u can gauge what perks to use. 2nd and probably most important getting domed is a lot like real estate, location location location. Find their weakest player and pound him like a bad knee. hang in their though it takes time but u will get better.

The Quantum Surge Update is out!



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