Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

That’s a good question. So if one person doesn’t care and decides to leave, everyone else either has to play a man (or men) down or suffer the same consequences?

It’s very clear they are balancing casual players which there is nothing wrong with in itself, but I sometimes feel like they are trying to hide this which is wrong.

The buff to his cloak is fine, but it’s not where his weakness was at all.
His weakness is him being easily traceable by a monster worth his salt as well as his lacking ability to pick up dead hunters in combat.
He is already being heavily punished for having his teammates incapped and die, when he is what the entire point of him is, a medic who have poor healing and not punished for having dead teammates.


They’re looking into it:

Also was it really necessary to remove take a break entirely, as opposed to just having it time limited to say <1min before a kick? I used that feature all the time if I needed to respond to a steam message or alt-tab quickly for any reason, it’s been one of my favourite features in Turtle Rock games since L4D and I always wish other games had it. I know that idling is a huge issue but removing it entirely is a shame.

People still get kicked after a minute of idling, but now they don’t even have the option to let a bot take over before that happens - they’ll just stand completely still for 60 seconds.

wdy someone had the guts to say thanks xD

You mean “dead” instead of “incapped”, right? RIGHT? Because otherwise it would be stupid, especially in regards to Lazarus.

can someone start the game?? Devs, please, fix the lobby

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Not to mention “take a break” was a workaround that frequently got past various bugs and glitches.


So I just read the patch notes and before I continue I would like to full heartedly agree that taking away a dodgers win streak for quitting a match is in fact the right thing to do. However what i do need to ask is why do you punish the people that they leave behind? When someone dodges the lobby as a monster it is one thing. One someone dodges it as the hunters though it is basically going to be handing them a loss right off the bat. They either end up taking the loss because they leave the lobby because their team abandoned them to become monster fodder or they end up taking the loss because they lack the team to go up against a monster and win because they need to pull double duty. There should be something that only punishes dodgers in my opinion, not the people they leave behind.

yeah so the people that dont want to play with that bot now have to


This change is as good as it is bad. You might need to leave because of life situations, but there are also people which leave when they see either monster or hunter team.

I think hunter health is like 1600, so 40 per sec is not super, it’s pretty pathetic if I’m correct.
Laz needs major buffs



In this post you can discuss further about the balance changes/patch notes.

Would of been nice if they added separated win streak for hunters and monsters.


Players now lose their win streak if they leave after getting into character select.

I’m extremely disappointed you’re going to force players to play monster or hunter (depending on preference) instead of adding the current system being used on ranked.

Clearly shows the developers are not listening to the community, I’ll add this won’t change a thing, as someone who mains hunters I’m going to leave if I get on monster, I would probably lose anyway so this doesn’t change anything.

Or I could do better and wait at drop zone for hunters to kill me, and get some free xp and keys for my monster.


This patch seems very rushed, I don’t think you thought a lot of this stuff through


I agree that Take A Break shouldn’t have been removed. It let players handle things in the real world without automatically forcing the other players to work with a bot and taking a loss in the balance system. Hopefully future changes will allow this to be added back.


The patches are weekly or bi-weekly. The stuff has been planned for months, so not really.

Oh good, they nerfed Cabot. As we all know he was too strong of a support and really needed that nerf to his shields and damage amp. Now the monster might staND more of a chance fighting him! /s

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So basically, monsters were buffed and hunter nerfed, you did all wrong, thank you…

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