Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

Still no post-game map bug fix. Wenex is sad.

It helps people who don’t know how to play and therefore don’t hop on the dropship when it would be advantageous to do so.

Now they can continue playing on ez mode without ever even learning to press the suicide button, and laz can live in a trashcan within a trashcan.


The problem with people playing before this patch was that they would sit incapped for too long, and it would create a situation where the monster would wipe a team at stage 1 when really the hunter should have been choosing to go to the dropship strategically to get the dropship going, especially if they could do it when it was clear a second person would go down in about 10 seconds time.

That said, I don’t feel this is the right solution (mainly for Laz reasons). I think a compromise solution would make sense, and that is that the dropship timer only starts counting down about 20 seconds after the first incap in a given period (unless someone dies, then it starts as normal).

This way laz is never written out of the early game, where it is most vital he asserts his authority, but at the same time people don’t sit around for ages in an incap state ultimately not helping their team from a tactical point of view by getting the next wave of hunters on the go.

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With the drop ship changes-

I almost feel we need the OPPOSITE of what we had. “Hold B to NOT be put on the dropship”. Let coordinated teams decide manually if they want to risk the pick up, or give laz the chance to actually revive.


time for laz to be reworked i guess

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Speaking of Laz buffs, I’ve noticed that poisoned melee attacks reveal him during his cloak. Obviously fire does also. I feel like this is unfair to like a Wriath who does not like to run poison.
Where I am going at is: I think his cloak should not break when recieving DoT damage.
This should be a buff to Laz players on higher levels only, and not affect low levels at all.

Also, I think the castrange of his glove should be higher.

I have to agree, this change is huge problem. If you want to prevent people from exploiting it to farm silver keys, just make it mandatory to be active at the end of the game or something. But preventing me to answer the phone, or forcing me to answer it with 1 hand and leaving the other on the keyboard is a MAJOR INCONVENIENCE.

Has somebody explained this already? Because I really do not understand the reason to nerf this any further. It already barely does a difference and the margin between having Parnell, Abe and Bucket in the team vs Sunny, WLM and Lennox should already be negligible.


That´s because the overall damage from Laz and other hunters has improved, also here is no limb damage anymore making every shot automatically more damaging.

Yeah but why not just nerf the direct damage? A 1.15 multiplier is so tiny, you might as well just remove it entirely.
Or at least compensate with a much bigger size so that it is actually hit more often.

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there are like 6 on the monster, you have to really try to miss them.

Sorry I worded that badly. What I meant is hitting them constantly. Not only that, but it is much more rewarding to just aim for the head. The exception would be if I cant see the head. Let’s say I am Griffin and I shoot at a fast moving monster with weakpoints on it. I hit 9 bullets on a marker, 18 on the body and miss 9 completely. That just gives me a damage increase of 5%. Even when I hit half my bullets in a marker and the other half on the body, that is still only 7.5% more damage.

OK, so as usual a lot of these comments will be caveated by the fact I need to play with them, but my initial thoughts…

Matchmaking/Win Streak

Love the matchmaking update, I don’t think it’s a full solution to the matchmaking issues…but I think that TRS know this, they’re just trying to tackle the specific issue of winstreak dodgers, and this does it perfectly. I don’t think so many people on this thread should be pretending that TRS intend this to be a full solution to matchmaking queue dodgers.

Auto Dropship

Auto Dropship… I mentioned this above, I think this kind of thing has to happen but I absolutely don’t like that it writes off Laz’s early game. His buffs don’t counter the loss of the ability to prevent early strikes. I suggested above that the dropship timer only starts counting down after 20 seconds. This could even be dynamic to scale so that basically the dropship timer always is timed so that Laz is never denied the opportunity to revive, without extending the dropship timer countdown now that the suicide to spawn mechanic is gone.

On that note… how does this also affect Emet and his respawn beacon? This is another ability that has suffered in Stage 2, and the lack of being able to suicide will have adverse consequences for Emet.

Anti-Spawn Camping

The damage reduction on spawn is great, I haven’t see dropship spawn camping happen much anymore, but it’s good to see something to stop it from being an effective strategy.

Elite Wildlife Clarity

I like that elite wildlife is highlighted, there are plenty of people arguing for something more subtle but we all know that what that leads to is people in the know using the map properly and benefitting from the extra information they get, while newbies and less experienced people just not even realising that the information is there. I don’t just mean this in that they don’t know the method of getting the information is there, they can learn that, but just being at a level where they can forget or miss that the information would be present.

Take a break

It’s a shame to lose take a break, sometimes my doorbell will ring with a goddamn Amazon delivery for something my wife has ordered and I can quickly take a break without it meaning that I fall behind the team. I feel that surely a way of balancing out not allowing people to take a break for too long while keeping the feature must be possible?

Idle farming

It’s a shame to hear people are idle farming for keys, so I’m happy you’re trying to tackle that.

Periodic challenge

+1 thumbs up for the periodic challenge clarity.

Unannounced patch features?

The roadmap says the new Decoy refactor has been released for Wraith, but I don’t see it in the patch notes? Was this just the cooldown change previously?

Supernova changes

I am really glad about the change on supernova making wraith white, it was ridiculously messy on screen to see wraith and supernova and it felt sucky to be getting beat mostly because you didn’t know what was going on, on screen.


Like others I’m really not happy with the intention behind “Grounder” perks, I don’t believe that perks that nerf the opposition are a positive experience. Perks should be what their namesake describes… perks to your stats. I can just about live with the perks that slow, though I’m yet to see many use them so I may just not be aware of how horrible they are to play against, but then at the same time with slows you know as a hunter your main form of movement is jetpack.

To take a hunters jetpack away feels, to me, like a major decision to take. Would you put a perk in that drains a monster’s traversal, or slows its ability cooldowns? I don’t think you would, and so I’m confused as to why the Grounder set exists.

I feel the new perk system is begging to be implemented through the game in a different way. I don’t like that you don’t know what perks each side has, I don’t like that it is something that buffs you before the game starts so wildly but without real tactical nuance. With the three tiers it feels like you should pick your level 1 perk before the game starts, then when the monster evolves everyone gets the opportunity to pick their tier 2 perks, and then when the monster evolves again they get to pick their tier 3 perks. You don’t need to make the other side’s perk picks explicit in these situations because the effects should largely be obvious.

This might also help to solve some of the issues with both stage 1 power of monsters (goodbye stacking cooldown or damage reduction), and the chase of hunters (goodbye all of the jetpack bliss).

That’s my thoughts for now, I’m glad you’re pushing the envelope, but I have to agree with the sentiment (though not at all the quite immature and abrasive tone) of others here that there are some concerns.


In Overwatch when a team mate quits in ranked they give you a window to quit without penalty.

Yes it still gets abused but the quitters need a team mate (Alt account of course) with them all the time that will take the loss for them, but its better then nothing.

So yes premades will still have 3/4 of their players with crazy W/L ratios, but that alone should speak volume IMO when you see them in the lobby, 49,49,49,4, LMFAO!!

But really if you playing ranked with randoms perhaps you deserve to take the penalty too? Would promote more teams and less randoms in ranked IMO, but has obvious flaws too.

Just make the hunters auto-suicide 1-2 seconds before the dropship arrives, not 5.

Now this is interesting,

We could now make dead bodies last until the dropship or they get eaten, they would still have a strike, and Laz could keep people popping back into the fight more reliably.

Played as wraith with move speed bronze slow the hunter silver and 1 point gold Grounder perk. I just feel like it’s an extremely strong ability and definitely should not be a perk especially if you can pair slow the hunters with grounder.

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I honestly think they made it for the hunters using all jetpack perks that’s just what it looks like.

I know this is off topic, however i would like to know if in the win rates of monster vs hunter. Are the A.I. monster lose counted towards hunters overwall win rates?

I played against a bucket Laz comp and the bucket couldn’t kite at all becaause of abduct + my perks so supernova decoy rekt him while the laz waited outside the dome. Soon as he came in he ran for the bucket and I abducted him while he was cloaked which wasn’t hard since he had like 5 seconds to get over there and then I did the exact same thing I did to bucket. WB melee decoy + SN and he couldn’t escape and with the DoT on the grounder perk he was revealed.

Well of course not if he didn’t go jetpack perks I’d imagine there absolutely nothing a hunter can do.

Sounds (toxic as slow buff)

The new Jetpack Thrust reduce perk is to strong in combination with kraken snowballs. :confused: