Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

no i think peacock wraith have blue head

Yeah, this is something we’re discussing and considering!


tahts exploitable :stuck_out_tongue: put a premade group of 4 with same preferences 3 of them get extra xp :stuck_out_tongue: only counter is delay matchmaking in favour of preference … if player base is low then delay would be significant … now we have 20K so i think its viable if all of us play in same region…

Hadn’t considered that. Maybe it only applies to solo players?

Okay, I’m pretty happy I don’t need to be yelling, “KILL YOURSELF!” anymore LOL
@TomsMeatPlatter am I, right?


TBH if I get placed as monster my win streak was over anyway, so no real change for me. Still leaving if I get stuck on monster more than once or twice in a row. Will help with people artificially inflating their win streaks though.

I like the idle change, the elite wildlife indicators, and the DR buff at game start. Balance changes seem solid too. Overall I’m pretty excited to play a few more games, looks like hunters will actually have to start trying again!

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So the first down VS Lazarus is a guaranteed strike now, seeing the drop ship timer starts out on 10 seconds and you die automatically within 5 seconds?

Very odd change.


Does this mean I can use Kraken’s snowballs with the evolve claw perk? O.O


I think its… sencored. The ‘buffs’ no way make up for a guarenteed strike or two on the first some fight.

no point punishing the monster for hanging around an incapped body when the incapped body is forced to kill himself in 5-15 seconds. No matter how much you shield and heal him.

I like the change, just disable it if Lazarus is the medic. Problem solved


cant to play. the game does not start when the timer ends. The countdown begins again

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Regarding this “Players now lose their win streak if they leave after getting into character select.”

So, if someone leaves I’m forced to play with or against bots? And if I’m playing with a party and one of us gets monster we are forced to kill each other??? I don’t like this at all. I hate people who leave when not getting their preference, but this just plain sucks.


if you dont mind me asking, where is the logic here? what lead to the dropship/auto-sucide/laz changes? laz is my favorite medic (im stuck on console so maybe first hand experience would be better but alas) and i hardly ever let my team get strikes when possible but now it seems like this patch is anti-laz… sure he gets super health regen when invis but that doesnt cancel out or equate to my teammates getting strikes that i could have prevented :frowning: just not understanding the thought of dropship changes :frowning:

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Did you really thought about the stuff? There is stuff that’s just bad!

This is like a big “Fuck you” to Laz players

I wouldn’t care about the shitty streak which is, in my opinion, a bad feature you decided to add.
If I don’t get the slot I want to play, I still gonna requeue and let them deal with the bots or let them lose their streak.
1 Minute CD on quickplay on first leave and adding 30 seconds every time you leave again might be better

Why are you adding perks for that while it was in Gorgons abilities. You removed it because people complained but her CC ability were amazing at release.

This one I like



I don’t really see the point of picking Lazarus now. He’s supposed to prevent strikes; that’s his gimmick. Self-sustain is a horrible tradeoff.


Can’t get into a game since this patch. Game lobby timer keeps resetting after reaching 0.

You can change roles. When I am monster and a hunter leaves I wait until the timer is almost up and switch to hunter so we can hunt a bot monster together. It is just not a fair fight, the bots are way to easy to down for a decent monster. Not the best solution, but much more fun for casual players to get a win off a bot monster, than take a frustrating loss due at least in part to a bot hunter.

Yikes, that Laz thing seems like a pretty big problem and I’m not sure what his buff has to do with it at all. Like, the healing while invisible buff is nice, but the 5 second auto-strikes for stage 1 downs is truly horrible.


That’s a good question. So if one person doesn’t care and decides to leave, everyone else either has to play a man (or men) down or suffer the same consequences?

It’s very clear they are balancing casual players which there is nothing wrong with in itself, but I sometimes feel like they are trying to hide this which is wrong.

The buff to his cloak is fine, but it’s not where his weakness was at all.
His weakness is him being easily traceable by a monster worth his salt as well as his lacking ability to pick up dead hunters in combat.
He is already being heavily punished for having his teammates incapped and die, when he is what the entire point of him is, a medic who have poor healing and not punished for having dead teammates.


They’re looking into it: