Update 2.03 Discussion Thread

Levels 2 and 3 Fly Swatter perk have lower jetpack reduction number? is this a bug? incorrect text?

It doesn’t make any sense though, now monsters have almost twice as much time to destroy what already dies in one burst attack and on top of that just has to count to six for when they know it’s most likely that she’s gonna try to place it again. This is just another one of those things to help the noob monsters and to make better ones job so so so so soooo much easier.

Btw you never have to waste an ability to destroy it, most people just attack one person than another and another and overall don’t let the shield AI work as intended as it only shields after one takes damage. I guess that’s not as easy with the shield burst being a thing now but that same tatic should still apply, or of course now that the damn thing is near useless now, yeah destroy it every 14 seconds, can’t be that much of a hassle.

Read them carefully, they each have a dot and reduce a DIFFERENT mobility stat. Jump Height, Jetpack Power (normal flight), and Jetpack Boost Thrust

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No they don’t. Charge time is the same.

The AI is working as intended, and switching targets as monster is bad.

It’s only 14 seconds if you are spamming it while the monster is right on top of you.

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I am aware. The text on the perk says 70% at level 1, 60% at level 2 and 50% at level 3

@Insane_521 maybe pass this on to the UI team?

Guys, you realise you’ve just made a change that comes off as: “You know who still has a little bit of use? Laz. We should make him useless!” right?

At this point he seems to be sitting around release-era Bucket levels of bad. You might as well just remove him from the game since you’re clearly aiming to make him as useless as humanly possible.

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The CD starts when you drop it not when you destroy it… if you have to wait 14 seconds thats cause you placed it just as the monster destroyed it and that’s good means sunny will require some actual though.

Just if I want to focus a hunter like say sunny who makes targeting anyone but her a pain in the ass because of her JPB

Wasn’t a good choice even before SB unless you were kraken.

If the monster only has to destroy it every 14 seconds that’s because you’re so used to just popping it out every time it get destroyed without having to worry about any possible downsides.

Agreed, they seem a bit strong, but also very frustrating.
I thought one of the major points of Stage2 was to tone down the frustration.

My team used to call the slow buff “The Buff” because of how infuriating it was.

As a f2p player, I’d wish they told us whether the new perks can be unlocked via playing as certain monsters or whether they must be bought. Currently buying perks are incredibly inefficient even when you get the refund as far as I have heard. In fact, I really wish they would be clearer about the perks and how to obtain them, other than buy going through literally every character and their leveling rewards .

As far as I can tell the new perks must be bought with silver keys. They may include them in the daily reward que in the future, or as a give away however.

On legacy the one you know where its at and immediately go kill as soon as you drop from the drop ship? Yeah I know that one :joy:


I thinks bobs traversal now is what he needed maybe a little to powerful but its definitely in the right direction


in multiplayer games you usually dont have the AFK option… so its not a big deal not to have it. it was stupid anyway… you didnt get your monster role… okay, pick one hunter, go afk when round starts.

The purpose of a medic is to prevent strikes, however, the way each character does it is unique. 5/6 medics are similar, they raise their teammates HP to prevent them from being downed, the only outlier is Lazarus, who prevents strikes after a teammate is downed rather than before, he has a sort of “guerrilla” playstyle.

Lazarus trades reliable team sustain for no-strike revives. The lack of sustain should be his only downside, he needs to have the same strike prevention rate as other medics.

In Lazarus’ current state he is potentially the worst “medic” in the game.
This patch reduced his ability to assist his team deal damage (amplifier targets)
Lazarus has been hit by nerf after nerf, long CD on his cloak and revivifier, lengthened revive time, strikes given to “dead” teammates, etc.

At the current moment there is no reason to pick Lazarus and if you do, you will most likely fail your team if the monster is even remotely adept.

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That looks correct. 70% full strength at level one, or a 30% reduction. You’re just reading it wrong. (or I’m misinterpreting this, I haven’t had an opportunity to get on yet)


Could some developer explain to me why the auto suicide feature is a good thing? Because I can only think of negative ones.

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Still no post-game map bug fix. Wenex is sad.

It helps people who don’t know how to play and therefore don’t hop on the dropship when it would be advantageous to do so.

Now they can continue playing on ez mode without ever even learning to press the suicide button, and laz can live in a trashcan within a trashcan.