Upcoming Sunny Nerf

Her shield drone takes forever to start shielding, her damage sucks now, and her booster took a hit a while back. It’s fine now, is your 100 w/l ratio not enough?! lol come back down to earth


The drone takes 8 seconds to start up before it can shield. It also requires line of sight to work, as well as for you to stay in range. Not like it’ll follow you around, like Hank. It’s more for strategical use and setting it up before combat. She also has a booster, which can be used to completely deny the Monster focusing someone. Pretty fair, considering instant shields and boosting would be completely unfair.

They’re currently nerfing her so she can’t boost a teammate four times, or keep an entire team close to the Monster when chasing it. It’s making her more fair, as she’s actually a bit strong right now, as well as the heart of the most frustrating comp in the game.

The only issue is that with reload speed, this could be spammed. If it takes six seconds to destroy, and the reload reduces setup time to six seconds, then it could be spammed back out immediately after being destroyed and instantly shield. cycle would repeat.

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She currently does damage as well as Bucket while maintaining utility and her Booster is still strong as hell, both in and out of combat.

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I am going to trust TRS and hope the nerf makes her balanced but not horrible. I love using her JPB so much lol

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I do too. It’s an amazingly useful thing, but she’s associated with the biggest bitch move in the game right now, so I think a nerf is in order. It’ll be tough to remove her being useful, with the shield and booster, but the currently-planned change should take her a step or two closer to being balanced.

Yeah, I just hope with this nerf they also nerf kraken because I would choose sunny against that OP monster. An eye for an eye lol

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I don’t think they have announced any Kraken nerf for the next patch. He is indeed strong, but he’s only scary in skilled hands. I never have too much trouble with him, but I only play pubs, so I don’t know how skewed my gauge of balance is.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

image Sunny’s op against pretty much all monsters except those that can control the battle field or prey. So that limits Kraken the controller of the skys, Behemoth the controller of the Land. Gorgon yeah the way it corals its prey. Lavabomb denies drone+Tongue grab possible way to pull back boosted hunters. Vortex quick way to dispatch the drone or push back boosting toward the z plane hunter + banshee mines as well work at dispatching the drone. Web snare the standard boost denial service+Acid spit works similar to lava bomb and forces them to move quickly from area.
Also the whole eye for a eye thing never ends well because it usually ends with someone going blind

As a Goliath main I cannot wait for this nerf. Her kit is extremely strong but is exceptional against Goliath. It’s ridiculous what a crutch she is and how a competent Sunny user can make any team tough to deal with.

She is the Evolve version of One Man Army Pro from MW2. Just stupid OP, and downright trolling to use imho.


Why even waste a vortex? 3 Air auto attacks and its gone, from anywhere you have LoS.

As a sunny main: Sunny is OP. I look forward to her upcoming nerfs. I know shes amazingly unfun to play against right now, so i flat out refuse to use her in anything other than try hard ranked or competitive play.

oh the memory’s of playing Goliath vs sunny only for her to put the drone in a spot i can’t climb and is forced to use a ability to destroy. Then its that whole boosting a hunter straight into the air (Z plane) and to watch all your hardwork come back brand new. For instance you had the hunter at like less then 25% health and boom sunny and val destroying your work in the blink of a eye. When those things happened my usual words toward sunny was

In some situations yeah you might wana use it so you can quickly hard focus a target again.
Edit : yeah can’t when a hunter is boosted in the air still go past the maximum height a kraken can fly?

They’re situational not bad.

Cabot is excellent in terms of being able to deal damage and detection. His rail can also be used from a safe distance and it goes through walls.
Buckets damage output went down slightly, but his DPS is still pretty high. He could for a small buff at best.
Hank’s pretty well rounded, TSH could go for a bit of a boot in terms of shields and reducing his kit’s down time.

In the right hands they’re very good, especially under a coordinated team that knows how to dodge.

In the broad scheme of things, cutting the capacity and removing the boost should be fine, it gives you 2 extra dodges by base in the next patch, it helps monsters that have been struggling against this comp for months a fighting chance (finally) to get the strikes and not have to flee-till-three and/or relay cheese it to get a win. Honestly I’d say over-nerf her, I’m honestly tired of dealing with her and that particular comp everyone hates and/or loves to play.

You’re getting a cut in capacity in terms of the rate at which ammunition is consumed, not the rate at which it regenerates (it remains the same). I don’t see how cutting the boost will cause problems, two is enough to dodge an ability in most instances. It’s supposed to be more situational rather than point-and-put-on-assault-to-let-them-poke-the-monster-on-the-chase type thing.

I fail to see your point.

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I would have something to say about that ( a humorous joke) but its so sad that its true.

I’m too tired to put it more eloquently. I tried to be humorous, but agreed it’s a little sad how true that actually is…

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[quote=“TrickyMrGreen, post:16, topic:81029”]
Actually, Cabot IS viable. He’s a risky pick most definitely
[/quote]He’s mediocre at absolute best. Sure, he can be made to work, but that doesn’t make him any better. You pretty much have no reason to pick him over Hank (excluding Sunny for the time being, for obvious reasons) who currently just adds a whole lot more to any team for far less work. IMHO, Hank in his current state should be the measure by which all Supports are judged. Going by that alone both Cabot and Bucket fall short, both by quite a large margin.

I think cabots more than viable, and pretty damn balanced at high level play against anything other than kraken currently.


Even if they nerf sunny down to one boost and a drone that takes 15 seconds and shields two attacks she’ll still be extremely viable.

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Haha i dont know. That might be a BIT extreme.