Upcoming Sunny Nerf

Sounds like they said 70% capacity, 40% boost on a dodge, -10 to mininukes bringing them to 165 damage each, and a reduction in drone hp, to 250.

So a heavy + 1 light will remove it. Or 3 lights. Im under the impression its being left there because at 240 or lower kraken would wipe it in 2 snow balls, and wraith does 248 on a heavy, meaning 1 heavy would wipe it. Fun fact: Behemoth heavy will remove it.


I am seriously happy. That sounds freaking glorious.


I personally would’ve liked to see the Booster hit even harder than it was, but less effective boosts overall plus knocking off close to a fourth of her boost meter is still excellent. I can understand why they’re apprehensive about reducing her in-combat viability too much, as her amazing defense is all she has going for her. Hopefully this will hit chase comps hard enough. We still don’t know what other Monster changes and such are coming, too.

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Ok an assumption I am making is that with perfect timing and no after boost usage you can still attain 3 boosts but anything lower in energy than full it is down to 2 boosts and some thrust.

If the reload time stayed the same then this seriously sounds like I can take Goliath out for a spin again.

It sounds to me like it can still achieve 3 full boosts fairly easily, because as long as you have some left, you can boost.

I hope this nerf works in bringing sunny down a bit. the drone nerf sounds nice as it took way too much to go down in the first place. 250 sounds reasonable.

You need a certain amount of jetpack fuel from the jetpack booster to get a boost anything below and you don’t get it, only burning fuel I a direction.

If you are experiencing what you said it is a bug as it was fixed in 6.0 but it is possible it might still be present.

So no it won’t be easy to get 3 boosts.

Incoming changes:

  • reduced booster capacity to 40% (was 50%)
  • reduced Mini-nuke damage by 10%

Any shield drone changes i missed?

That would be thrust not capacity as capacity was never 50%

Also ninja’d

I still personally think sunny needs a stronger element of counter play to her. Something like a set time or a more mechanical change.

Well we will see after this patch. I am more content to wait for another nerf than making this one unreasonably over the top IMO as we also don’t know what changes monsters got if any so yeah.

Let’s wait.

Sunny does incredible damage on her own- Its quite easy to get 2-3 medals per match, each worth 3k damage to the monster (meaning youll have done 1-2999 on top of this as well)

To go with this, she also augments/increases the teams overall damage by rapidly repositioning her team mates such as the assault, allowing them to better maintain appropriate distance, both in the dome and on the chase- Which is another strong point of hers, she allows highly aggressive maneuvers on the chase.

She allows better trapper positioning to secure stronger other wise unobtainable domes in a plethora of situations

Her boost works as a form of soft CC when you factor in how it puts a demand on monster traversals

And many, MANY other things

ALL while having some of the most powerful defensive capability for both her team, and herself.

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No, they said by 10 points. Not 10 percent.

Shield drone’s HP was reduced as well, by 50 points.

If this is true sunny with be completely useless which is a damn shame

Oh happy day!!

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Actually she’ll still be increadibly powerful so no, she won’t be shit in this “shitty” game.


Thrust is unchanged. 2 boosts is more than enough and the drone had too much health, requiring 4 hits on a deplorable that can instantly redeploy is unreasonable.

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Thrust was brought down from 50% to 40%

Thrust is changed it went from 50 to 40 and no, 2 boosts is not enough especially with the slow charge time. Two boosts is probably enough to barely get you out of krakens broken lightning strike.


I’m sorry, but then you haven’t been using the booster effectively.

Anyways, comparing a previously broken hunter to the most powerful monster (arguably broken but wtv) is not a good comparison.