Upcoming Sunny Nerf


So I am probably in the minority but could care less, I am not looking forward to the upcoming nerf to her JPB. I just had one question tho, is her JPB getting a capacity or thrust nerf? Or both.

Nerfing Sunny further?

I would say both. I don’t think that it would be by much. too much would make her JPB useless


That is my big concern, nerfing her JPB to the point where it is just a waste of space in her utility anyway, really hoping for just a capacity nerf.


Oh man I remember when she was first released her Booster was so damn OP, it was hilarious.


How will it be a waste? She will provide said hunter still with extra jet pack fuel which is still pretty big but it just wont be over the top like it is currently providing 4 boosts and any form of extra thrust.

The thrust allows for extremely fast re-positioning and couple that with 4 boosts… you get the picture. Just having the utility of extra jet pack fuel is something that wont really ever be of a waste given she also has a shield drone making the kit well rounded for mitigation but again, just not over the top.


If they nerf both capacity and thrust I don’t think it would provide much support. Hence why I said I hope its just a capacity nerf since the thrust is what really helps out a hunter. I am pretty concerned, they nerfed Slim’s spore gun and now it doesn’t even provide cover, not at upper level anyway. My point is they tend to take nerfs too far.


Maybe if they just half that and make it 2 boost I think it would be fine.


I honestly think her JPB was meant to be used in combat to boost teammates out of harm’s way. I don’t think it was supposed to be utilized in this OP chase comp. Maybe a quick boost for trapper to throw dome is ok as well. But to boost a team and stay on the monster indefinitely is ridiculous.
I’m not a monster player by any means, I just don’t like things they totally throw off the dynamic of the game.


This is exactly why most of us monster mains hate her to begin with. In the tourny today I had two matches, one dealing with the current meta comp, the other (after we all agreed to TGL rules) was EMET, Bucket, WM, and Torvald. I had a much easier time dealing with them in the second match once I finally went stage 2 (had to mitigate half the time because pro-level stacking on the teams). I managed to do about 10 times better when not dealing with the drone and her JPB. I got 6 strikes (and a few kills) vs none and dying at stage 1 (first match) vs stage 3 (second match) today.

You can see how that dynamic changes once she’s taken off the table.

Once she FINALLY gets nerfed I wonder how Kala will change the dynamic, I can already feel the salt building from here…


Sunny is simply too strong of a support. She’s far better than any other support in the game. She’s too strong defensively since she can shield herself and you always have to deal with the shield drone, while taking the focus off her. She’s too strong on the offensive since after domes the pressure is insane because the assault is boosted into your face. I found she’s too strong is all aspects and needs to be nerfed.
When I play other supports it’s a balanced game and I don’t fear fighting them for every engagement. In a fight against sunny it’s 70/30, not in my favour. I play monster quite a bit, and just find her overall utility insane to deal with (in the right hands of course). She’s a support, not a one man army.


I am worried she will become like Slim…


What would you suggest then? Without making her JPB obsolete? Bucket as a support is laughable though especially after the deployable nerf. Hank and Sunny are only viable because they have a shield and its arguable that cabot is viable since his capacity nerf on his damage amplifier. They need to balance out the support class cause, yes I will agree that Sunny is easily the most dominant support, but the others (exception of hank, he’s balanced) are no where near, even, hanks level because they are just so bad


Me too buddy, me too…


Good. Hopefully that will remind hunters that there are other supports besides sunny


People still use hank, he is good too but cabot and bucket are just…bad. I would rather have all support characters be viable then having to be forced to just use one (hank) because the rest can’t keep up.


Actually, Cabot IS viable. He’s a risky pick most definitely, but he IS balanced. Bucket I’m not so sure about, I can see him getting some slight buffs but nothing major. Kala is coming and I’m sure her teleporting theme will be very viable. As it is right now, sunny is the best support with all the pros and none of the cons. Regardless, I’m sure whatever they do to her, she will still remain viable, just not as overpowerd as she is right now.


Cabot isn’t that great tbh, at least not in regular pub games. He might be viable against monsters that don’t use dirty tactics (like Behe roll spam) but when you’re pugging, 80% of the monsters you fight are going to be like that, and if you don’t have shields, it’s probably going to be game over.

Back on topic - I wish there could be a way to boost only in combat. It would be cool if they could keep it the way it is but nerf the usage of it out of dome. Though I can see that not really working at relay fights…


Welp, if you say it, it must be true.

One of the best monsters on the PS4 says its OP. That should shut down any argument otherwise.

(this is legit, not sarcasm)


So I hear that they will nerf Sunny even further. Only way to nerf her more than she has been nerfed is to make her shield drone a fake shield. When she deploys it, it just sits there and doesn’t shield. I’m sure the forums would think it’s fair. Guarantee it!!


I think it would be nice if instead of the drone charging up for x seconds, you have to wait x amount of seconds to replace it and it charges instantly. Because sometimes in a fight it probably gets frustrating to destroy a drone and then have another pop up immediately… it can be easy to forget it takes a while to recharge. :stuck_out_tongue: