Upcoming change: Doing damage gives monsters evolution energy (trello board item)


Apprently they will make it that dealing damage to hunters will fill your evolve meter.

I think it’s better than the “strikes give you energy” system. Because the current system rewards strikes too much and punishes no strikes too hard. It rewards you for already being on the winning side and punishes you for already being on the losing side. So the gap increases, makes comebacks harder.
I talked more in depth about this problem in this thread: Should incaps still fill your evolve meter?

But I’m actually not sure if strikes won’t fill your Evolve meter, too.
And I’m expecting monster to cheese in first domes. Just hit and run all dome long until your Evolve meter is full. I guess it depends on how much energy you get per damage point.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming change? Discuss!


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