Upcoming Beta/Distribution


Ok, so I’ve been anticipating Evolve for quite a while now, and as soon as I can get my hands on it, my social life will instantly disappear… This, of course, will be worth it, because when I’m shooting a huge monster and watching my savage dog attack it, I think I’m going to freak out. Basically, what I’m trying to say, is… When will beta be open? I’ll be running Evolve on an Xbox One and hope to be able to participate in an upcoming beta that was confirmed on Twitter.

  1. Will beta be open or closed?

  2. If closed, how will we go about getting a code for such a hyped game.

Thanks :smiley:
-Justin (Icey)


I believe it said there will be an open beta, I hope to participate honestly or I wouldn’t have made an account. :smile:
I saw it stated that the makers of Left 4 Dead made it, I’m stoked. Its a must try


This game will soon become my life o_o #GamerProblems


We aren’t going into specifics at this very moment (still got E3 stuff going on), but I can assure you that more information on Beta will turn up in the coming weeks.


Hey, when it does arrive, wanna add me so we can go a few rounds with/against each other? :smile:


Well I know until November 7th I will be bored playing watch dogs in my spare time. Right when November 7th hits I’m gonna pick up my pre-order of LOTR: Shadow of Mordor. Then play that for 14 days then pick up my other pre-order :smiley: and I am sure we all know what that is lol


Evolve is released on October 21st, rather than November 21st :slight_smile:


Of course my motherboard dies out on me 2 days ago and now there’s new beta information. Man i hope the replacement gets here soon. Even if i don’t at least October isn’t to far away , i really cant wait to play the Kraken i love a good ranged class.