Up to 25% off Evolve on GMG


Just got PCMR Edition for $75, 25% off with code 6KC5Z9-XO9B2M-DSGJXY.

Or just make an account and I believe you get some 20% codes that should also work.

Edit: I also just got the steam activation code for PCMR Edition in my email, but the other Evolve base copy I ordered months ago has not emailed me a code from GMG.


WTH hahaha

now i’ve got some lesson.

I should Pre-order games as late as possible!


Usually GMG does the best code/discount as soon as the product is added, this is the first time I’ve seen them do a big discount this late. But it’s ~3-5% difference usually.


Probably! XD

anyway I saved my money when I knew GMG at first time!

cause I’d bought it on steam before :smile:


Yea, this is my 3rd copy. I have two PCMR and one Base game from before the PCMR was announced. I think I’m their biggest supporter lol.


Your friends(who get copies) maybe same as you. lol


Yea, I’ve giving the base version to my cousin, not sure what I’m doing with the other.


doesnt work for me, just says “Unable to add the voucher”


Well now that’s a nice middle finger to people who comitted to preorder on steam…


Damn. Try making a new account, it should give some starting codes/give a discount. I remember that from when I made my account. I’ll see if I have any other discount codes in my email.


I canceled my pre-order on steam and got the GMG discount. It’s not too hard to do.


I know about that, but I’d be stuck with 100bucks in my steam vallet.

**And still this shouldn’t happen and steam exclusive bought elsewhere sounds retarded, what’s exclusive about it, lol?!


Gotcha. Well if you are a regular steam buyer than it isn’t a problem in the long run. But if you don’t buy much on Steam then yeah kinda sucks.


Yea, but surely you’ll end up using that $100 somewhere down the line? Witcher 3 comes out soon, Dark Souls 2 SotFS in April.

Edit: and pretty much every steam game is on GMG for a considerable discount.


Let’s just say I am more than most of the people are, sadly for my vallet :smiley:
Still don’t want it there, I am not planning on buying any game after evolve for a while.

**I am just gonna leave here link of how much ashamed of myself I am for steam purchases


Hey, if you’re looking for anyone to play Baldur’s Gate with…

Anyone else annoyed by these last minute sales?

i’ve looked around an found 4 different codes. all of them are “invalid” for me :frowning:


If you make an account it should give account specific codes.


KNQFY9-4UP2WZ-VNNQ7Z this is mine try it.


Sadly never acquired taste for multiplayer in BG.