Up and coming gamer

Just wanted to post a couple pictures of my son and I playing some games together. Getting him hooked early!

Here he is learning to play guitar hero.

Here he is watching me coach Evolve. He LOVES when I play as monster, as my streamers know how much he loves watching monster play. Also, it’s hard to mouse + keyboard with a child in your lap :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m worried about the lack of Nintendo consoles.
A childhood is not complete without a couple of Zelda games.

But you look like a great dad!

They are on the bookshelf behind me. I have several older consoles as well as a plethora of old games :slight_smile: My son enjoy playing with the Nintendo 64 controllers the most -.-



My little brother is fascinated by Goliath :stuck_out_tongue:


“This is AWESOME”

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why the 64 controll is awful game cube master race but its still better than that excuse of a wiimote

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Ya, the Gamecube ones are a bit nicer and fit his hands better. I think it’s just the control stick in the middle which is shiny.

he likes it because its shiny ^.`

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I have a limited edition gold N64 controller as well. That is his favorite. Looks something like this, although a bit more worn down.

i dont have any special controlls al i have is a full working gamecube control and a control thats splitting the outer part is coming off

My biggest issue is that the N64 controller ‘sticks’ in the middle always had that crappy white residue from what I assume is the plastic rubbing off.

why dos it have thos oval things on the side it kinda blocks the stick

It’s to protect the stick from hitting a hard edge. The actually stick underneath is quite thin.

oh i did not know that

Yup, looks like this. Not their best design tbh.

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