Unwanted New Content: SPOILED GAME

New content is great!
Cheap content is not!

Simply that. I’m expressing how much I dislike the ‘variants’ of playable Monsters and Hunters. It reflects how inconsistent this game still is. The game can be without these unnecessary money-grabbing additions.

Where there is quality there is consistency. Put ice cream in rainbow trout meal and aggressively serve it with pea soup. You won’t like it; it’s not right thing to do, is it. Not necessary, spoiled and cheap.

It’s also the game I did not purchase. I almost never buy games that recycle and redistribute its own content like this because it only degrades the quality of the game. I did not purchase the game for this; I did not become ‘a Founder’ for it to be spoiled and decimated even further.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


[quote=“Ryhuul, post:1, topic:105567”]
The game can be without these unnecessary money-grabbing additions.
[/quote]You mean the “money-grabbing additions” that you get for free as a founder? The same “money-grabbing additions” that can otherwise be gotten for free just by playing the game? Funny, I didn’t realise that a game in which everything can be obtained through actually playing the game was considered money-grabbing.

Bloody Hell.


I like the variants. If TRS had not made any variants, then we would have ~0 new characters. Because TRS are operating on a tight budget. But I fail to see how they are ‘unnecessary money-grabbing additions’. If your a founder then your getting most of them for free. Free stuff = cheap money-grab attempt?

I see it as TRS trying to provide a constant upkeep of new content to keep players coming back. That was the original purpose of the variants back when Meteor Goliath dropped. They saw a spike in players, a way to keep people coming back for a relativity low cost. And people do like new things.

Like (someone) said when Stage 2 first launched, they want a new character to be released around every other week. You’d need to be an industry giant to produce brand new characters that fast, and even then it’d be sketchy.

If given the opportunity, I would like to see variants get more unique weapon and character models. Imagine Renegabe with an actual double barrelled shotgun! And a grenade that matches the ones on his holster.

Map variants, I’m not too bothered about to be honest. Overpowered can be a quick laugh, and Deepest Dark is fun the first time you play it but that’s about it.


1 thing, Budget.
Thats all



Not to mention that I loooove Electro Griffin (that guitar riff)


I love the variants, I think they’re diverse and interesting!


The moment I saw “money grabbing” I stopped reading this post.


“Money grabbing” + “free game” = impossible situation.
It’s all free so the only way it’s a money grab is if you throw your cash in the bin while playing.


As a Founder, I paid (a lot of money) for a lot of content like what people are getting for free now.
I fail to see your point, if you’re trying to make one even.

  • You can still play the game as it was (understanding Stage 2 changes as just something that could have come to OG through the regular patches)

  • You can choose to ignore daily rewards and free content (not using it). Now, you couldn’t possibly tell other what characters or skins not to use.

  • If you ultimately dislike the current state of the game that much you could stop playing it. The way OG was before this it could have actually died for good. And to be fair, you still can install OG instead of Stage 2.

They’re giving us free characters, how dare they! Clearly an attempt at taking our money!


And now Max is going to comment on this post!

yes it is!

It’s still something to do?

if you don’t like them don’t play them simple as that!

huh I thought people would be satisfied with all the new content and changes they made guess not

I mean I guess they don’t need the option to spend $100 on gold keys that is a little much. Wait your talking about everything? ooh! Well… uhhh gold keys are the only thing you can spend real life money on in this game atm?

Not always man no one has a perfect schedule

Wouldn’t that kill it though? Murder??

Why though?

I thought we were talking about a rainbow trout?

You need those veggies to live EAT THEM!

But it is? Same concept just some changes?

well this one is FREEEEEEEEEEE!

Not that much though

did you purchase the game to put up on your shelf? That’s the only other thing I can think of that people would do other than playing it

Spoiled?? Decimated?? It’s pretty much the same game!

Gonna come back and visit this

They have a budget and they just introduced paid content man no game is cheap!

And that is the end of Max’s comment :yum:

When you paid for Evolve, you made a decision that it was worth the amount of money you paid for it. No one can take away the hours and experiences you have already logged into the game.

Now, the price of the sequel has changed. You wouldn’t be complaining if Evolve Stage 2 was more expensive, and you were getting all content for the money you originally paid for the original Evolve.