Unusual Weapons With (and Without) manual Zooms


I’ve made a couple of inquires before about the lack of manual zoom on Hank and Cabot’s Binocs, this lead me down the path of seeing what could and could not zoom. Here is my list of the most unusual, as some of them seem at the least out of place and possibly oversights:

Those with Manual Zoom


Hyde’s Flamethrower
this doesn’t really have that much range to warrant this, does it?


Maggie’s Harpoon Traps
how far can we fire these?

Gobi, with one of the strongest zooms
you can even zoom this far with Gobi on cooldown

bnaannnananaananana, BATZOOM


Hank’s Shield
barely any zoom, considering the range this has, that it seems out of place


Val’s Healing Gun
similar to hanks shield

Those Without Manual Zoom

Hank’s Orbital Barrage Binocs – no manual, but an automatic zoom that has a tendency to move the targeting reticle
Cabot’s Radioactive Dust Binocs – (same as hank’s)
Sunny’s Mini-nuke Launcher (might not need it, its just the only primary weapon without one)
Slim’s Spore Launcher … considering how often I like to try to hit the monster with one as the team is approaching, this would be a great benefit

I think, honeslty, its the Gobi one that gets me

Thoughts, Comments, Rationales?



Gobi makes sense, crow needs to zoom to watch the monsters behavior to figure out its movements.
The flamethrower and the harpoon mine have me stumped however.



Crows helmet are binoculars… its apart of his unique tracking method. And zooming in helps throw gobi further.

Gobi is life. Gobi is love. Gobi sees all…