Unusual behavior


now i have no idea if this is a bug or not as i am new to this game. the monster in this match was in air the entire time and did not come down at all, and when he did we was all dead. i took a few pictures one after another if you are interested to see it, i just dont know where to upload.


Do you remember which Monster it was?


You can upload images directly from your computer
When typing a message you see an icon with arrow on it (7th from left) and it gives you an option to either upload from device (computer) or from web (in that case you can use sites such as imgur etc)
I saw this happen in alpha 2 years ago when fighting Goliath, haven’t countered it ever since

If it was Kraken (“flying squid” is probably best way to describe him/her) he/she is mostly flying during fights




That’s a kraken. It’s traversal is flight. If you use CC it should land but if no CC is applied it can stay pretty much indefinitiely in the air.




ahh ok, so its not a bug, it just stayed in that exact spot the entire time till we all died