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@Matthew could you by chance make a novel on this or finish the story through the forums?


This is by far one of the best pieces of sci-fi literature I’ve read in a very long time.
You @Matthew are an amazing writer!


This is amazing. It brings so much into perspective. I have so much to think about, but my mind is reeling today…

That said, I had a hunch that Kala accidentally taught the monsters human engineering. Cybernetic monsters kinda prove that!

I wish I would get to know what a Stormbringer and Harrower looked like though.


We thought that Kala introduced the sum of human knowledge into the monster’s…ecology. But we also toyed with the idea that when the monsters arrive in this world, they just use whatever’s around. So on a planet with massive biodiversity, you get skin and bones and eyeballs and organs. On a space station, you get plastic and steel and copper and lasers.

It’s not clear to me which direction we would have taken.


Is that why Behemoth has rock armor? Because it used the terrain to build its body?


What about AJAX Monster?


That’s super cool! This makes me wonder though, what form do the monsters take in their own homeworld? Are they even corporeal?


Their native dimension doesn’t have things like mass, so there’s no corporeal form.


What was the AJAX Monster Matthew? Many people seem curious, I myself have been wanting to know since Torvald came out.


In a dialogue, Caira says that the monster are evolving to have kevlar kind of skin to resist bullets. Is that just an adaptation they are doing consciously or is it also, in this particular instance, some insight they might have gained from being linked with Kala ?


I really don’t want to nitpick, but this one can’t be avoided.


This is it, the one fact that clarifies so many things. Though it does raise one question: if there isn’t any mass or corporeal form, what exactly is their “homeworld”? Brandon mentioned it overlaps with Shear in the multiverse, so what exactly is it if it isn’t a planet?

My (not quite biggest, but highest priority) question: In this story you mentioned a bunch of new monsters like the Harrower, Howler, Stormbringer, whatever-the-machine-monster-would-be-called. Could you please give us a list of names for other monster breeds? No details required, just a list of names for monsters we’ll never get to see.


I was wondering that as well ! Could have no planets at all, maybe they have some sort of fluidic space ( http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Fluidic_space ). Can’t wait to hear the answer !


Ok how do they die if their nothing? Would their plain of exsistence not be affected do to them being nothing?


Don’t suppose someone has told us what was on the Ajax yet? Its mouth wateringly teasing.


It’s one of the things that even the devs hadn’t decided on yet!


Enough lore to keep me alive for another month.

#####Still need more…


This is just too good. Sad that it will not be used though. Sounds super awesome.


Agreed. Is very good.


I’m getting kind of a metal cooler vibe.