Until wraith is patched I will leave all wraith matches


Well I used to say that I would never do this but its is just getting to the point that I can’t stand it anymore. I play almost exclusively solo on this game and sometimes I like to change things up by playing on the hunters team. On goliath and kraken this isn’t much of a problem since most people know how to handle them properly. However when wraith is selected especially at the higher ranks where people are more experienced such as myself wraith is getting more and more boring. It just turns into a 15 minute endless chase. Most trappers dome the damn decoy even though I’m yelling in the headset to not throw the dome.

I hate that the wraith has to many options for escape. Traversal time needs to be toned down and default move speed needs to be reduced. I would go so far as to say the she needs a complete rebuild of her abilities. Decoys damage needs to be totally removed. It removes all skill when the AI is doing the work for you and rank three decoy is still absurdly strong and accurate even after the beta nerf. I believe decoy should only cause knockback to hunters but still damage wildlife. There also needs to be downside to using decoy. I think if decoy is hit with things like tracking darts and tranqs then it should transfer directly to the wraith too.

Warp blast needs to be changed since it is to powerful of an ability when it comes to a poor mans teleport. Teleport range needs to be greatly reduced or a charge up time needs to be added. Damage radius should probably be reduced to how it was in beta since they actually increased it.

Supernova still does too much damage too fast. With just one use it can down a hunter a from 100% health. A damage reduction is in order for sure. It should probably also slow down the wraiths movement speeds. Decoy should also not benefit from supernova.

I feel that abduction is ok since it is her one ability that actually requires skill.

Lastly her basic melee needs to be retuned. The built in juggle it has needs to be removed. Wraiths abilities already render the hunters at a big disadvantage so having a juggle built into her basic melee attacks is just overkill.


Not to shut down the time you took to post that, but the same stuff has been said a million times and changes are already in the works for the first balance patch.


TL:DR. propably already did…
so why do you need to tell people that again?



following your lead @Commando_Wraith :joy:


Just beat a level 3 wraith that had full health and armor. It’s not impossible. I feel your frustration though.


Don’t worry! A balance patch is coming for Wraith real soon! Watch out for this friday’s dev livestream.


Its certainly possible. I have beaten several wraiths at stage 3. Im just saying on the whole if the wraith player has even mediocre skill level she is going to stomp a well skilled team and its going to be a long and protracted hunt that is not fun for anyone on the hunter team. I play mostly solo so she has an even greater advantage there where most people on your team don’t have mics.


All that needs to be said


The matches are certainly too drawn out and can be very boring. When you have a couple randoms on your team, it can be almost impossible to win at times. It astonishes me some of the people that play this game.


I should do the same with Cabot then…