Unsupported video card detected! gtx 960

I’m not sure. We’ll probably need to wait until the devs are back in on Monday.

bump, would really like to play this game!

Are you having issues with other games?

No, although I had a problem with dx11 on lawbreakers before I got my new graphics card.

Did you reinstall the VcRedistr as well as DirectX files?

I think so

It can’t hurt to try again if you’re not sure.

I gave my MSI GTX 960 4G gaming to my brother, it works well…possibly faulty card?
try deleting system.cfg file inside evolve folder and do a verify files thingy.

Some people don’t have to make their parents buy them everything. That means we have a “Budget”. I know, it’s a new word to you.

Did not work, thanks for the help. I don’t think it is a fault card, as it works well with every other game in my library.

Not actually sure how. Could you send me a link or something? (I probably have like 20 different distributions of vcredist that are for different games, because each steam one wants to install it’s own. Don’t think it is the problem though.

Here you go

Tried that. Still didn’t work.

This might sound really dumb, but can you please run this and post a screenshot of the results?

I want to see if I’m missing something spec wise.

Evolve stage 2 didn’t have minimum requirements listed so I just used the originals

bump, please help me.

Another dumb question, but are you sure that your gpu is inserted into proper slot?

Throwing a link in here too, apart from that I’m stumped.
This is from last year, same issue, not sure if it ever got resolved.


yes, can run many other games just fine (COD BO III, GTA V, and other graphically intensive games)
It also does show up in dxdiag.