Unstoppable Combo: Sunny + Griffin (CDR)


I’m finding it harder and harder to play this game that I love so much. The hunters I play with are always begging to sit at the relay all day because they don’t like walking and when I fight against them they pull BS like what I am about to describe.

So I here I was, Goliath Stage 1. The hunters are no where in sight and I have half an evolution bar when I alert carrion birds. I go to the other side of the map but they find me. Griffin domes me, I kill him, they rez him. continue. He harpoons me in the back. Annoyed, I swat it and jump 60 meters down a hill. He is behind me in half a second and harpoons me again. Sunny lands a mini nuke and assault takes out an entire bar of health in this endeavor. I continue this and every half a second the trapper is jetpack boosted behind me, and harpoons me. Combine this with how buggy it is to actually destroy a griffin harpoon, cool down reduction, and this assault guy and you get one hell of a problem.

There is literally no way I can think of to combat this threat. I killed the assault, but that’s all I could manage. Sunny was being constant healed and has a shield drone + cloak, the medic would hide right next to the shield drone on something tall, Trapper would just get boosted away from me. The only reason assault got killed twice was because he never got any of the things I described. But by the end of the second dome I had half a bar of health at stage 1 and they killed me.

Now, what am I supposed to do in this situation? Sunny should be the premier target, but being constantly healed or shielded combined with a cloak means that’s not really an option. The medic won’t work because it would either be boosted, shielded, or just straight up spam heal self. Trapper was being protected like the ark of the covenant. Assault got downed multiple times, but again because he had no aid.

What am I supposed to do about being harpooned every half a second and being unable to escape it? God forbid they had Caira speedboost as well.


Line of sight. hit griffin in the face for followed so far ahead of his team.


When he’s boosted ahead just down him…he’s on his own.
I main grif and I’m always standing there with a harpoon thinking… why isn’t this idiot attacking me


Exactly. It can be terrifying to turn and fight with the whole team barreling down on you 15 seconds out, but if the trapper’s alone, you should be able to kill him within 30 sec and then get no dome. Putting a strike on a hunter is worth a bar of health.

That’s the weakness in Sunny’s boost- when used offensively, it causes the hunters to lose cohesion. Even 15 seconds can be crucial. If the team arrives when the trapper’s at 10%, he’s still gonna die.


lol caria sppedboost is sunnys new jetpack booster


they had Laz