Unresponsive post-results screen


Been having the issue where occasionally when I leave the post-results lobby screen the game becomes unresponsive, with no intractable buttons or any way to get to the menu. I have to alt-f4 and restart the game. Seems to happen once every few games.


Hmm, that’s a new one (edit: new one to me, maybe QA knows about it…). It just sticks there? Doesn’t progress?



Yes it stays on that screen. No indication of loading, no buttons at the bottom, escape does nothing. Next time it happens I’ll see if I can hit my profile button but I don’t recall any way to get to the menu from there anyway.


This should be fixed with the latest Hotfix 2.01.1 let us know if you are still getting this.


Thank you, I’ll be playing later on tonight so I’ll see if it pops up again.