Unread and New Deception


So when I am in a section it tells me that New(1) I click on it and then it says Unread(1) and I click on that since there is no New topics and then it disappears.

It has happened a few times I’ll get a couple pictures in a few minutes if it happens again

It Happened Again :/


It could just be that your browser isn’t sync’d with the site. That happens to me when I open multiple tabs or if I am on mobile.


Wait, wait. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally log into my account? Because I haven’t had this bug.


So I log out and log in? Refresh the page? What do you think I should do?


Lennox is fun!


Yes I logged into your account…:stuck_out_tongue:


you could try to log in and out but I am not sure it would help. It’s nothing I would really consider a bug, personally.


Yea, it’s still happening :confused:


How many categories are you watching?


I don’t know


Check in your preferences.


Like this?


Yes, so you’re only watching one.


UN mute those topics and try again. Refresh the page first though.


It worked!


@TheMountainThatRoars got it fixed! Can we get a close?


Forum Suggestions: Creator able to close their own question :stuck_out_tongue: